Monday, 13 August 2012

Transport for London Happy to Promote JewHate Day

This should not come as a surprise to anyone with a clue. The groups said that while the ad campaign on more than 400 London buses described the annual Al-Quds Day march as an event about "the freedom of the Palestinians", the organisation founding the event posted anti-Israel comments on its website. TfL claims it is reviewing its policy and that the ad campaign ends shortly anyway. And guess what.....part of this ad campaign involves soliciting donations for the Islamic Human Rights Commission. Using TfL to raise money for some unholy causes - no wonder people believe infidels are stupid. A quick visit to the IHRC website will show you the supporting organizations of London's Al Quds rally, organizations I have written about extensively in the past such as Stop the War, Innovative Minds, the Muslim Council of Britain, etc. Here is the head of this group - Massoud Shadjareh - at last year's Al Quds rally in London - reminding everyone that "the Zionists are waiting in the shadows" and that people should not give "even a penny" to Israeli businesses, or even people who support Israeli businesses. IHRC is the same group that campaigns for Muslim prisoners across the globe and has a bleeding heart for convicted cop killer and American Islamic leader Jamil Al Amin, currently in a US prison and the subject of an IHRC campaign called Prisoners of Faith. The IHRC is sanctioned and funded by the UN. Need I say more? Probably not, but I will.... One of the IHRC's current projects is "Muslim Experiences: Canada 2012." Yep, they are doing a UN funded study to determine how hated Muslims are in Canada. However, the study isn't really needed given that the questionnaire is sub titled with "Being a Member of a Hated Society." And there you have it folks. Anti Israel ads and requests for donations that are sure to fund some unsavoury activities, run by a group sanctioned by the UN that hearts cop killers, and posted freely by Transport for London on its buses across the city. Britain is beyond repair.