Monday, 15 August 2011

Extended Leave

Dear friends,

Thank you so much for visiting this blog over the past two years. I have taken some time off in the past few months, and I thought I was back to blogging regularly, however this appears not to be the case. Due to various events and the sudden death of a loved one, SMW will be taking an indefinite leave from the blogosphere. I do not know when I will be back - but hopefully it shall not be too long.

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Friday, 12 August 2011

It's Friday....

Getting out of this city.

Society of No Consequences Continues.....

James Clappison, a Conservative member of the home affairs committee, said he was "very concerned" about young rioters' light sentences.
"The courts are failing to hand down sufficiently tough sentences," he said. "We need deterrent sentences, but we are not seeing that. Magistrates need to think again."
Police chiefs also expressed concern at soft sentences.

Making a mockery of a tragedy.

More on this next week.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Mosqueterias in the TDSB

Wee bit behind on this one - but do update yourselves on this situation by clicking here.

Victims of the UK Riots

Apparently the BBC is now calling them the English Riots so as not to offend the Scots and Irish. Oh brother.

A Hackney shopkeeper who was pictured in tears amid the ruins of his ransacked grocery store today revealed he has just 25p to his name.

Monika Konczyk, 32, came to Britain in March to join her older sister, Beata, 37, and intending to improve her English, but her narrow escape from a fire in Croydon has left her badly shaken. "She is incredibly traumatised as she feels she narrowly escaped death," said her sister. "'We are appalled.

The police never did appear, although they followed up nine hours later with a phone call. "Everything we pay here—taxes, rates, rents—it's all so expensive. And we can't even get the police when there are people robbing our shop." Mr. Raif pauses as a string of patrol cars and a fire truck speed down the street, heading north to a rougher neighborhood. "They were busy. I know."

Finally a great write-up in the WSJ - do read the whole thing:
This week's chaos might signal an even more important moment for Britain than many people realize: Either the radical left's lies about the country—namely its economic and welfare system—will finally be exposed, or they will be reinforced by politicians eager to rewrite history. The leaders that helped bring us to this pass seem intent not merely to repeat their mistakes, but to deepen them.

Murray goes on to point out two politicians who have wasted no time seizing an opportunity to blame the riots on government cuts: Ken Livingstone and Diane Abbott. (Not entirely unrelated - Livingstone and Abbott are both vocal supporters of anti-Israel movements in the UK).

Labour's Shadow Health Minister Diane Abbott meanwhile made sure to garnish her condemnation of the violence with the reminder that in her constituency, "Haringey Council has lost £41 million from its budget and has cut youth services by 75%." Whether her constituents ever raised this issue as they looted through luxury-goods shops, Ms. Abbott did not say.

SMW and the husband lived in Hackney (the borough, not Hackney central) when Diane Abbott was an MP for the area and I will never forget one of the newsletters she sent out. Amongst gloating pictures of herself at anti-Israel rallies was a small note about crime in Hackney. It stated that gang-rape was the #1 violent crime committed in the borough. This was back in 2009, prior to the big cuts which, according to her, turn otherwise civilized people into raging savages. If government cutbacks (most of which are not even in place yet, as several journalists have noted) compels people to commit crime, would Abbott care to explain what policies under the Labour government (which was in power at the time of this newsletter) cause gangs to run about the borough attacking and brutally raping women?
Saying that cutbacks cause crime is the left's card for absolving all responsibility and is a direct contributor to the current disorder across the UK. Criminals cause crime. Period.

I have yet to read any story about young men stealing diapers and formula to provide for their families. No stories of girls loading bags with produce at the local shop to feed their siblings. Instead, we see story after story of individuals texting their buddies to come down and pick up a new flatscreen, some Lacoste trainers, booze and cigarettes.

But these aren't the only political conclusions we can draw from this week. One is also tempted to point out that during Labour's 13 years in power, it raised public spending to record levels to fund a massive increase in the welfare state. By the time the current government came to power last year, it had no fiscally sane choice but to reduce these unsustainable spending levels. Hence, the "cuts" (which actually still entail nominal spending increases) that leading Labourites are now blaming for all that ails Britain.

Did the country at least get anything for its money under Labour? Only a generation of young Britons who consider work not merely a "lifestyle choice," but a crummy one at that. Under Labour, a life on welfare appeared the best life to live.

It is no surprise that the north London borough of Islington has been among the riot scenes of this week. Prosperous and left-wing, it is also scattered throughout with the welfare beneficiaries that Labourites have created. To that extent the borough was the picture-postcard exemplar of leftist Britain. And now it's up in smoke.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Ticking time bomb....

Many today have been acting as if relative calm last night in London is a sign the riots are over. Perhaps, but I doubt it. This "calm" still meant that people were looting in various parts of the city, if on a smaller scale than the previous two nights, and there are numerous reports of muggings by gangs of youth in North London. Last night, speaking to a friend, I commented that it may just be a matter of time before full on battles break out between ethnic groups in various cities across the UK. As Turkish, Sikh, Muslim and plain old White Englishmen seek to protect their property and businesses the police had the audacity to say vigilantes were not needed. In fact - as one commenter noted - the police seemed more upset that people were trying to protect their own property than they were about gangs of feral youth savaging cities, stealing, destroying, injuring and killing. What a disgrace this country is. And so we are left with an entirely emasculated police force under orders to watch the city burn for days, until it is finally suggested that they might, note might, use water cannons. And how many more people need to die before they actually will bring out the cannons?

Meanwhile, frustrated citizens are left to defend themselves against lawless gangs of youth who have no respect for anyone or anything - who in fact relish the idea of causing destruction. Last night some young Muslim business owners were mowed down by rioters as they tried to protect themselves. Turkish business owners in Hackney and Islington feel they have no other option but to protect themselves. The riots have proved what I have written on this blog since its inception - you cannot count on the police in the UK. This is not because there are not many upstanding men and women serving in the Met, but because they are not given the authority and tools they need to serve and protect the British public. This begs the question - if communities feel they are left with no choice to police themselves, how long until they feel they have no choice but to serve out their own justice? The police criticized those trying to protect their homes as vigilantes, but they are not. They are simply doing what the police are unable to. But how long will it be until actual vigilantes take to the streets, hunting down individuals they feel are responsible for stealing, robbing, beating and savaging parts of the city? This is not what Britain needs. The government and the Met are now at serious risk of losing complete control.

Graeme Archer writes in The Telegraph:
What does it take to make a community? Our heritage here is roughly one third each Turkish, Anglo-Saxon and African. I used to believe it was enough that the different races rubbed along together, without needing to be one another’s special friends. Something not unlike a truce was observed: we were polite, without ever really mixing. It would not take much – it may already have happened – for these three cohabiting groups to decide they want nothing more to do with one another. What then? More riots?
I walk the length of the street, and end up in my local, where the regulars are cutting up planks of wood with which to board up the windows. A man comes in: “It’s kicking off again, up the town hall.” We listen to the police helicopter overhead. The name of this pub is The Perseverance. It’s apt, I hope.
The streets are deserted as I make my way home. On Monday night, my partner came to meet me at the station, and we walked home together. The buses weren’t running and Hackney Road was eerily silent. There were a few folk like us about – from the world of work – walking home as fast as dignity would allow. Squads of boys-on-bikes passed intermittently. I learnt later that they targeted anyone normal-looking and mugged them.

And so goes the city.

Max Hastings Nails It

It is because it is fantastically hard to help such people, young or old, without imposing a measure of compulsion which modern society finds unacceptable. These kids are what they are because nobody makes them be anything different or better.

This has ultimately been sanctioned by Parliament, which refuses to accept, for instance, that children are more likely to prosper with two parents than with one, and that the dependency culture is a tragedy for those who receive something for nothing.
The judiciary colludes with social services and infinitely ingenious lawyers to assert the primacy of the rights of the criminal and aggressor over those of law-abiding citizens, especially if a young offender is involved.
The police, in recent years, have developed a reputation for ignoring yobbery and bullying, or even for taking the yobs’ side against complainants.
‘The problem,’ said Bill Pitt, the former head of Manchester’s Nuisance Strategy Unit, ‘is that the law appears to be there to protect the rights of the perpetrator, and does not support the victim.’

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Shocker: Virulent anti Semite shows up at Ahava and tells Jews to go back to Russia

The fact that the store is closing soon just isn't enough for these 21st century Nazis.

Go back to Russia, Jews!

London is Burning

For the past couple months many in Britain, and around the world, have been wrapped up in the goodwill and merriness brought about by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's wedding. Even some of the most cynical found themselves recasting their image of Britain into that of yesteryear, daring to dream that there was still a hope for that long-last nostalgic version of the UK. Hope no more. The events of this past weekend have shown once again that Britain is lost - and anyone silly enough to consider attending the 2012 Summer Olympics should take a moment to reflect upon the images of London rolling across their tv screen. Vancouver's Stanley Cup riot ain't got nothin' on the mayhem currently spreading across the UK.

The riots started after police officers shot and killed an alleged gang member and drug dealer in Tottenham, a gritty neighbourhood in North London. That this man's ties to crime and gangs are well documented by British media are almost as relevant to the riots as the fact that he was killed. The riots in London are not about police brutality, they are about brutality attacking first responders and stealing whatever the city's scum can get their dirty little hands on. (However I will point out here for those who may not know that police in the UK do not carry guns - only special units in special situations - ie drug raids - are permitted to carry, which indicates the threat the force felt this man potentially presented. Also, there was a gun found at the scene.) The family of the killed man, although upset about police actions, have called for the rioting to stop. From day one. And from day one these riots have had nothing to do with "justice."

For a few days now, England has been reaping the results of its domestic policy over the past decades. Large groups of youth have travelled to various locations in the city to loot, steal, attack police, destroy property, break into homes and cause complete chaos. Generation Entitlement is taking what they believe they are entitled to. Free stuff. Free everything. This morning as I was on the tube I listened to a teenager tell his mother how all his friends had been texting him last night with updates on their looting activities - they had been out stealing dvd players, xbox's and 300GBP Brazilian weaves (which brings up another "unmentionable" about these riots). He then proceeded to tell his visibly upset mother that he should have been out there with his friends getting free stuff. He was laughing. He thought the whole thing was a big joke - and to the rioters it is. Burning buildings, torching police cars, stealing anything and everything is a direct reflection of the total lack of respect for self and others that is rampant in Britain, in particular in what North Americans would likely refer to as London's black ghettos (Brixton and Tottenham, two areas where the rioting began are two of London's most impoverished black neighbourhoods). Being poor does not make you a thief - and these people are not stealing because they are poor - if they were they would be stealing food and necessities - not loading up the trunks of their cars with Nike shoes as they did in Tottenham Hale. I wondered why nobody hit the nearby Ikea, and have now chalked that up to small European cars not being able to hold furniture, even if it is the flat in a box kind. When you raise a generation to believe that they can do whatever they want with no consequences this is what you get. When you have generations of families growing up on drug infested estates, attending schools where teachers excuse their behaviour and refuse to hold them to the same standard as everyone else you get a generation that believe it is untouchable. It is only a matter of time until this rioting starts racking up a death toll.

The Met has once again proven its inability to police appropriately when it matters. I know there are many officers putting their lives on the line around the clock over the past few days, and for that I am thankful - however it needs to be said that this rioting should have never spread. What started in Tottenham should have been contained and snuffed out swiftly. A black man was shot and killed in a gritty neighbourhood where there is a history of violence against police and the Met was clearly unprepared for the ensuing actions. As Londoners watched parts (and initially it was small parts) of Tottenham go up in flames, literally, young minds across the city realized the police were doing very little to stop looters. So why not join in? And so the snowball is rolling and nobody knows when it will stop. And Brits sitting in their London homes watching the news, as the majority of the city is doing, are not armed and cannot defend themselves when the mob comes to their door.

SMW will not be posting any pictures of the riots. It is simply to great a risk to be near these crowds. I am curious to see how long and how far this spreads. The city is slowly starting to shut down in various parts - even my own local shops are closing up because of the proximity of rioting. Can curfews be imposed here? I really don't know.