Saturday, 2 July 2011


Just scanning reports on William and Catherine's Canadian tour. Seems a bunch of whiney québécois found their way to the CTV comments section and someone decided to take them to task:
Quebecers please behave yourselves. Don't act up and embarrass Canada and insult Britain. I realize that you have been fighting the very ideas of Canada, and Britain, for the last 200 years. But isn't it now high time that you settle down, and grow up? I realize you've never accepted your sound defeat by the British, nor the stable, benevolent anglo monarchy that ensued. You were always so loyal to your France--that is until you were asked to save it from the Nazis when thousands of you ran for the woods to escape conscription. So please, just show some manners over the coming days. Show some hospitality, some class. These are Canada's guests. Hey, I do not recall Canadian and British protestors confronting Gilles Duceppe when he visited your dear France and openly pleaded with France to support him in fracturing Canada. This couple is here in friendship, not in conspiracy to destroy Canada--as most Quebecers usually are.