Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Random Musings: Of postal services, airline workers and shopping gossip

Musing on life, just because I can.

I completely forgot about picking up some Father's Day cards to send back to Canada (although I did order a book for my father, but alas it doesn't matter since Canada Post is now suspending all services due to striking workers. Over the past 48 hours SMW has thoroughly enjoyed skimming the comments at CTV; it appears that very, very few commenters have any sympathy for the strikers. I certainly don't. I think letter carriers do an important job and generally work quite hard (of course I am only talking about the onest I know personnaly). I also think they are well compensated for what they do. In an age where demand for their services is plummeting, going on strike isn't usually the best PR move. But I guess there were not anti-Israel, terror supporting protests for their union to run this week, so they decided to pick a fight with their employer instead. CUPW members can stay on strike forever for all I care. There are alternatives to Canada Post. The only people I feel bad for are the CP workers who do not support the strike but are being held hostage by their union and idiot colleagues.

In other news Air Canada customer service workers are also on strike. It amazes me that people cannot grasp the fact that having more retired employees receiving a pension than you have employees currently working is not economically viable. But hey, keep striking and when Air Canada goes out of business and you are unemployed you can thank your union. Could this be the end of my Air Canada days? We'll see how things go.

Finally, there might be an Arab Spring somewhere but the Arab Summer has already started in London. With Ramadan just over five weeks away the wealthy Sheiks and Oil Princesses (as I call them) have started pouring into the city to race around Knightsbridge in their fast cars and drop thousands of pounds on Ramadan gifts. Last weekend, walking around Knightsbridge I felt like I was at the Mall of the Emirates. A salesman at a boutique which will remain unnamed told me he felt like he was working at a Darth Vader convention. (I have a knack for getting complete strangers to open up.) We chatted for a bit about the obscene amounts of money being spent on every luxury you can imagine, and the women in burkas strolling through Knightsbridge with their entourage (bodyguard, nanny, kids, friend, sometimes husband). This is an important phenomenom (for various reasons) that nobody here seems to cover. Why? Surely it can't be that taboo to look at something that has a significant economic and other impact....?