Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Finsbury Park Mosque - White Powder Scare

LEADING figures in the community rallied around a Finsbury Park mosque this week following a “white powder” attack which forced police to evacuate the building and close off a road.

It happened after North London Central Mosque – formerly Finsbury Park Mosque – received a package in the post with a racist message and a consignment of mysterious white powder.

Police decided that as a precaution they would close the building for four hours last Thursday afternoon, along with St Thomas's Road outside.

Two senior members of staff who handled the powder were put under observation.

However, after the substance was analysed in a police laboratory it was found to be harmless. Police have identified the powder but are not disclosing what it is while investigations continue.

Mohammed Kozbar, a spokesman for the mosque, said it was used to receiving hate mail but this was something different.

“We didn’t want to take a chance that the powder was dangerous and the police agreed. It was a very stressful time,” he said.

So Kozbar is stressed by an envelope of white powder. Interesting. Funny how a man who can stand in the streets calling for a curse on Israelis, vowing to show up with an army to defeat the Jewish state, and claiming that he will never be intimidated is afraid of a little envelope.

Anyway, the good news is that the mosque is having an open house this week.

If the person who sent that envelope is reading this - you are an idiot.