Monday, 27 June 2011

Life in Transit

It is smoking hot in London so I have decided to take a break from crazytown and head for a place where air conditioners are abundant and police carry firearms. Yes, that's right, SMW is chilling at various safehouses in North America. Travel is always interesting. Having seen and heard about a few too many security "lapses" in airports I have become increasingly, shall we say, alert when I fly. Airline security might not profile, but I do. While most people are scrolling through pictures on their Iphone in the departure lounge I am walking inconspicuous laps around it, looking for unusual activity and checking out males flying solo (I have other criteria too, and I guess given the new husband wife suicide team tactic I am going to have to expand again). Once I am on the plane I figure there is nothing more for me to do unless someone sitting in my immediate vicinity tries to light themselves on fire, so I try to sleep and watch movies (this is when I am not trying to make a mental profile of everyone sitting in my immediate vicinity). Yes, I have to admit that living in London has possibly pushed me to the edge of paranoia. Regardless - on most flights I get in a movie or two and some sleep.

My planesleep has become less frequent ever since I was groped by a male passenger while I slept on an overnight flight a few years ago. The crew on the plane were very good in their handling of the whole fiasco, but needless to say I know have an additional in flight security procedure that involves building a miniature barricade between myself and the person next to me - particularly since the crew told me this was not an entirely infrequent occurence, particularly when dealing with travellers of a certain ethnicity. I digress...

I wish I kept a book of things overheard in transit. In the airport lounge I listened to a Saudi male complain about how he was treated by US customs. He then rattled on about how much he hated, absolutely hated Americans. Even going as far as too say that he wanted to kill himself every time he was in the States. Hmmmmm.... a young Saudi male, sitting in airport lounge rattling on about how he hates the US. I wonder why anyone at US customs would give him a hard time.

Two boys, approximately aged 7-10, were hanging out, clearly bored out of their mind. One asked the other, "what should we do?" "I don't know," the brother replied. "We could start hitting each other again."

As I disembarked the plane I overheard a guy flirting with a young lady. He tells her he is a police officer. She sounds excited to be chatting to a cop, and then he admits that, well, he is actually just a volunteer police officer at the Met.

I pick up my bags (which for the first time in ages no man offers to help with - not that I need it - it's just a little touch of North America that I miss) and head for the parking lot. Twenty minutes later I am in the car, radio on, windows down, heading to the country. Tomorrow the jetlag will hit and I will come back to the real world (ie read the news), but today I love being back in North America.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Summer break......

SMW is away until next week. In the meantime check the usual suspects.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Feel Good News from Britian (yes, it's possible)

Stories like this make me believe (even if only for a few moments) that there is still hope for Britain:
'I was just a baby marine when I went out there. The Prince read the citation and he just said he couldn't believe it,' Marine Jackson said.
But he added: 'There are so many stories out there that are untold - so many lads that deserve this.'
His medal citation described how his 'only thought was for the life of his comrade who, had he hesitated for one moment, would have been killed.'
Recalling the way he dealt with the grenade, he added: 'I just thought that's going to hurt and ran over and launched it back.'

Click here there is more to this story....

Marine Jackson, your country needs more men just like you.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Finsbury Park Mosque - White Powder Scare

LEADING figures in the community rallied around a Finsbury Park mosque this week following a “white powder” attack which forced police to evacuate the building and close off a road.

It happened after North London Central Mosque – formerly Finsbury Park Mosque – received a package in the post with a racist message and a consignment of mysterious white powder.

Police decided that as a precaution they would close the building for four hours last Thursday afternoon, along with St Thomas's Road outside.

Two senior members of staff who handled the powder were put under observation.

However, after the substance was analysed in a police laboratory it was found to be harmless. Police have identified the powder but are not disclosing what it is while investigations continue.

Mohammed Kozbar, a spokesman for the mosque, said it was used to receiving hate mail but this was something different.

“We didn’t want to take a chance that the powder was dangerous and the police agreed. It was a very stressful time,” he said.

So Kozbar is stressed by an envelope of white powder. Interesting. Funny how a man who can stand in the streets calling for a curse on Israelis, vowing to show up with an army to defeat the Jewish state, and claiming that he will never be intimidated is afraid of a little envelope.

Anyway, the good news is that the mosque is having an open house this week.

If the person who sent that envelope is reading this - you are an idiot.

Say it isn't so: Raffi Endorses Sea Hitler


Next time I am in Canada I will be digging out my Raffi cassette tape and burning it.

Your friends are not my friends.

SAS back to London

Not really into these kinds of stories being printed. However, have linked to it because I was just discussing this very issue over dinner last night. Make no mistake, despite the big face fear of a terror attack during the Olympics is very, very real. I have tremendous faith in the SAS, it's the people making their jobs hard to do that are the problem.

But I is my favourite comment of the day posted on The Daily Mail:
Shouldn't be too much of a transition from Afghanistan to Tower Hamlets.


Sunday, 19 June 2011

Please, please get me out of this hellhole

Equality Chief says Christians are more militant than Muslims.

Muslims greatest victims of discrimination in the UK.

Ministry of Irony Alert: Claims Christians are filing fake discrimination complaints and creating poisonous environment for homosexuals.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Need free travel? Make sure you are related to a terrorist!

Britain is screwed.

DSK Tried to claim Diplomatic Immunity

And was "shocked" that his handcuffs were a little tight.

Poor baby.

Vancouver Riots Make Headlines in UK for Second Day

The City's police chief should resign over this mess. But of course that will never happen...

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Vancouver Police Perform As Well as the Canucks in Game 7 *Updated*

You know, it really doesn't take a brain surgeon, heck I don't even think it takes a doctor, to figure out that when you have a major sporting event, large crowds of drinking men in the streets, and a history of rioting after said sporting events, that you should have riot police (and a lot of them) on standby in case things go awry.

But apparently this was too much for the Vancouver Police Department to string together.

Instead you have videos circulating of large groups jumping over fires (too bad nobody slipped), burning police vehicles, trashing private businesses, and wreaking havoc. For those of you reading this back in North America make no mistake, this is a black eye for Canada. Given the upcoming visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge the media here has been keeping a close eye on the Great White North - and the rioting in Vancouver is one of the top headlines here in the UK.

Just to be clear: Last night's riots in Vancouver are getting more press coverage in the UK than the G20 riots in Toronto did. This is especially embarrassing because if there is one thing that UK police are good at it is controlling crowds at sporting events (um perhaps someone from the VPD should come over to learn a few lessons).

What could have been a great night for Vancouver has become an international embarrassment. Nonetheless the city's reputation will recover. I am not sure I can say the same for the police who were totally unprepared and showed little authority. They now look like eunuchs in front of the international press.

Where are your officers?” I asked Constable Jana McGuinness.

“We have a full public safety unit deployed right now,” she said. “We have hundreds of officers, a full deployment. They’re all over.” Well, no, they weren’t. Some were standing in a circle a few metres from the constable, but they still weren’t out in force on West Georgia Street. I’m not blaming police for what happened this night. But did they not anticipate the worst?

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Random Musings: Of postal services, airline workers and shopping gossip

Musing on life, just because I can.

I completely forgot about picking up some Father's Day cards to send back to Canada (although I did order a book for my father, but alas it doesn't matter since Canada Post is now suspending all services due to striking workers. Over the past 48 hours SMW has thoroughly enjoyed skimming the comments at CTV; it appears that very, very few commenters have any sympathy for the strikers. I certainly don't. I think letter carriers do an important job and generally work quite hard (of course I am only talking about the onest I know personnaly). I also think they are well compensated for what they do. In an age where demand for their services is plummeting, going on strike isn't usually the best PR move. But I guess there were not anti-Israel, terror supporting protests for their union to run this week, so they decided to pick a fight with their employer instead. CUPW members can stay on strike forever for all I care. There are alternatives to Canada Post. The only people I feel bad for are the CP workers who do not support the strike but are being held hostage by their union and idiot colleagues.

In other news Air Canada customer service workers are also on strike. It amazes me that people cannot grasp the fact that having more retired employees receiving a pension than you have employees currently working is not economically viable. But hey, keep striking and when Air Canada goes out of business and you are unemployed you can thank your union. Could this be the end of my Air Canada days? We'll see how things go.

Finally, there might be an Arab Spring somewhere but the Arab Summer has already started in London. With Ramadan just over five weeks away the wealthy Sheiks and Oil Princesses (as I call them) have started pouring into the city to race around Knightsbridge in their fast cars and drop thousands of pounds on Ramadan gifts. Last weekend, walking around Knightsbridge I felt like I was at the Mall of the Emirates. A salesman at a boutique which will remain unnamed told me he felt like he was working at a Darth Vader convention. (I have a knack for getting complete strangers to open up.) We chatted for a bit about the obscene amounts of money being spent on every luxury you can imagine, and the women in burkas strolling through Knightsbridge with their entourage (bodyguard, nanny, kids, friend, sometimes husband). This is an important phenomenom (for various reasons) that nobody here seems to cover. Why? Surely it can't be that taboo to look at something that has a significant economic and other impact....?

Human rights for paedophiles!

Progress:A Supreme Court ruling has forced the Government reluctantly to draw up new rules allowing serious sex offenders put on the register for life to have their place on the list reconsidered.

The Home Office plans were opposed by child protection campaigners and Conservative MPs, who said some offenders could never be considered completely “safe”. The new rules were drawn up because the Supreme Court ruled that automatic lifetime inclusion on the register breached the Human Rights Act.

No words to describe how pathetic I think Britain has become.

Men of no particular background on trial for pimping teenage girls in the UK

Sorry, we are unable to accept comments for this story.

I wonder why?

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Sea Hitler Gets a Tribute Video


In other news - Toronto area mosque supporting Sharia compliance. Fantastic.

Is the magic fading?

Low-priced Obama fundraiser fails to draw crowds.


Also - FLOTUS says Obama has best work ethic ever. This actually made me laugh out loud:
"I see the sadness and worry that's creasing his face," she said to a crowd of about 500 at the Pasadena luncheon organized by the Southern California Women For Obama. She described his worth ethic as “tireless,” according to pool reports.

"He reads every word, every memo, so he is better prepared than the people briefing him," she said. "This man doesn't take a day off."

Monday, 13 June 2011

Supermarket Spies: Nanny State Gone Wild

I don't shop at Sainsbury's, but if I did this would be a reason to stop.

Supermarket staff are being trained by health officials to ‘spy’ on customer shopping baskets, it emerged last night.

The government-backed scheme to be rolled out at Sainsbury’s stores nationwide aims to identify ‘hidden carers’ – people who look after elderly, sick or disabled relatives do not realise they could be entitled to support.

Under the scheme, cashiers will be asked to watch out for unusual shopping habits and taught to discretely ask customers about their personal circumstances while serving them.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Stupid celebrities: Russell Crowe Edition

He loves Jews. He just thinks they're barbarians. Antisemite? I think he was being a lefty numbnut, but who knows. Complete idiot? Absolutely.

'Circumcision is barbaric and stupid. Who are you to correct nature? Is it real that GOD requires a donation of foreskin? Babies are perfect"

'Many Jewish friends, I love my Jewish friends, I love the apples and the honey and the funny little hats but stop cutting your babies'

Coming to his rescue after a pretty pathetic 'apology' is useful idiot Eli Roth.
'What's more disturbing is that there are real antisemitic incidents every day that they clearly could care less about. They attack a friend.'

Does anyone believe that Roth is unaware of the current push to outlaw circumcision in San Francisco?

And we close with the money quote from Russell Crowe on abortion:

'Abortion should always be a woman's choice, there is no benefit to "forced" got it? don't like it then bye.'

And there you have it friends. Using excellent liberal logic, Crowe concluded that people who remove a small piece of flesh from their son's penis are "barbaric" and should "f*ck themselves", whereas people who kill their unborn child are doing the world a favour - preventing forced motherhood.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Reese and the sexpots....

A bit of fluff:
I love this story:
When I came up in this business, if you made a sex tape, you were embarrassed. You hid it under your bed," she said. "If you took naked pictures of yourself on your cellphone, you hide your face."

But I actually don't think this is fluff. I think it's important that a major player in Hollywood chose the MTV Awards (pretty much the biggest symbol of hypersexualized, soft pornified, slutified adolescent girls in America) to say that the road to fame should not be paved with sex and naked pictures.

"Penis Warriors and Comic book antics"

Via Scaramouche:
Anti-circumcisers have dismissed the anti-Semitism issue as a slur. But now the issue has exploded, thanks to Matthew Hess. Mr. Hess, a prominent intactivist, doubles as a comic-book creator. Last week, he published a jolly little graphic novel called Foreskin Man. In it, a blond, blue-eyed Aryan-looking superhero comes to the rescue of an innocent baby who’s about to be attacked by a scissors-wielding villain named Monster Mohel. (A “mohel” is a person trained to perform ritual circumcision according to Jewish law.) The villain is depicted as a hook-nosed, black-hatted Jew straight from the Nazi propaganda heyday of the 1930s.

Go and read it all.

Canada's Boat to Gaza Sued for Supporting Hamas

Well this is certainly worth having a look at:
The promoters of the Gaza boat are liars. There is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza, unless the Movenpick Hotel's standard of service has dropped to unacceptable levels or the air conditioning isn't up to snuff at the latest shopping mall. The Red Cross says there's no crisis, and so does this alarmingly honest Pro-Pallie NGO worker who writes about Gaza's dirty little secret as being anything but a "hardship posting", after all how many "Open Air Concentration Camps" are there where you can Hang 10 at the Waterpark?

Even the bilgewater barge's backers admit the Sea Hitler's "mission" is "actually less about aid and more about politics" according to alleged academic David Heap. I'd add poisonous self-righteous narcissism to that.

The Value of a University Education....

You don't go to Harvard to get an education. You go to Harvard to meet other Harvard students. The whole point of The Facebook was to create an electronic equivalent of a Harvard print tradition. Initially, you could only join Facebook with a Harvard student email address and gradually the magic circle was extended first into other Ivy League colleges and then in an ever expanding arc in the greatest feat of brand stretching in history.

I recently had a similar conversation with someone thinking about going to an "elite" MBA school Stateside. They asked me what I thought about the value of an MBA that would cost them tens of thousands. I told them having MBA after your name doesn't mean a whole lot (especially if you already have an HBA and a law degree), the value comes from the people you meet in your MBA class at said "elite" business school. I know guys working at Goldman's who did their undergrad in sociology at Ivey league universities, and guys with business degrees from supposedly lesser schools who, ten years into their career, are still struggling to find jobs in key markets. It has nothing to do with what they learned and everything to do with who they met.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Christians doing too much Muslim outreach?

Discuss, discuss.

How about - most Christians know absolutely nothing about Islam (except they are not supposed to eat pork or drink booze)?
Comments I have heard from the evangelical crowd range from "that Muslim might cast a spell on me" to "their devotion to their faith is like, totally amazing, look at the mosques they build." Both show complete ignorance.

Exit question: Will North American Christians educate themselves before the crucifiz on their building is replaced by a minaret?