Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Huron University College Major Donors Tied Directly to Terror-Funding

Via BCF:
When we looked for information on the IIIT & the MAC we didn't look into the Islamic Centre for Southwestern Ontario (ICSO), located in London, Ontario, although it was mentioned as a financial contributor in the LFP announcement described above. Something has happened in the last few days, however, that makes it necessary to bring this organisation into the story now. On May 7, 2011, there was an article in the Ottawa Citizen entitled, ″Gadhafi charity in Canada linked to terrorism. Government revokes status of World Islamic Call Society" (WICS). In that article we learned that a Qaddafi charity was sending money from Libya to the personal bank account of a gentleman named Assem Fadel, who then transferred the money from his personal account in to the bank account of the only branch in Canada of the Libya-based WICS, which also happens to be located in London, Ontario. Money was then transferred from the WICS account to terrorist organisations outside Canada. This was the reason the government of Canada removed the charitable status of the WICS. Question: Why is this relevant to the funding of the Chair in Islamic studies at Huron College? Answer: It just so happens that the president and director of the Islamic Centre for Southwestern Ontario is none other than Assem Fadel and he is also the president of the Canadian branch of the WICS. Here we have a clear and indisputable link between Qaddafi-sponsored terrorist related activities involving the president of the Islamic Centre of Southwestern Ontario, a funding organisation of the chair in Islamic Studies. This link can not be denied by Huron College even if Assem Fadel claims an innocent explanation for what transpired. This didn't happen years ago. It happened just over a week ago.

Assem Fadel is not the only local promoter of the Islamic studies project with links to the World Islamic Call Society. At least two other major proponents of the chair in Islamic studies have attended conferences of the World Islamic Call Society in Libya. They are Faisal Joseph, a prominent lawyer in London who is closely involved with HUC, and Munir el-Kassem, a dental surgeon who is also the ex-Muslim chaplain of the University of Western Ontario.
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Saint Jihadi Among the Hurons is right.
Let's see HUC principal Trish Fulton try and talk her way out of this (because she will try).
According to Huron's homepage, "Huron promises and education that will launch a lifetime of experiences." Will those experiences now include internships in terror at Hamas and media relations stints for Libyan terrorists?

Paging all Huron alumni, donors, current students and parents of current students...

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