Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Finsbury Park Mosque.....

It's still going. Under a different name. With 'new leadership.' Just a reminder.

Donating books to schools:
The interactive workbooks, entitled The Bad Apples: Let’s talk about Anti-social Behaviour, will be sent to Ambler Primary School, in Blackstock Road, to help pupils respond to nuisance behaviour such as littering, drunkenness and vandalism.

The mosque, formerly the North London Central Mosque, had a bad reputation when radical preacher Abu Hamza was based there a decade ago.

Since the current owners took over in 2005, they have worked hard to foster a responsible image, with this book donation the latest in a series of community projects.

Mohammed Kozbar, trustee of Finsbury Park Mosque, said: “It is important that charities like ours contribute to their local community to tackle issues such as the anti-social behaviour and try to contribute toward community cohesion and build a peaceful atmosphere within the society”.

Hey, here is some video footage of Mohammad Kozbar (well known activist with the British Muslim Initiative (Hamas's sister group in the UK) and other anti-Western, Jew-hate groups) contributing to community cohesion and building a peaceful atmosphere.
Here is the text of his speech:
“We are partners in struggle. … Today, with our brothers and sisters who were on these ships, we can tell them we are with you, along with you, brothers and brothers. Your blood is our blood. What has happened to you has happened to us. (inaudible) With thousands of people come to the street. Your blood is our blood. The Israeli government, the Israeli government aim, by this cowardly action, to send a message. Believe me, they want to send a message to us. To tell us, to tell everyone who help the Palestinian people, especially those who are trying to break the siege of Gaza, they want to intimidate us, they want to make us scared, in order to give up what we are doing. But they do not know with whom they are dealing with. They do not know they we are defiant. ….we tell them we accept your challenge. We accept your challenge and you will see it in the very near future insha’allah. And the next time they will not be facing only a few ships, they will be facing tens of ships and thousands of people. Finally, our thoughts are with those who lost their lives and we tell them your blood did not go for nothing. God willing, your blood will be a curse on your murderers. And God willing, your blood will break the siege on Gaza. My final message to you, be proud of yourselves because the people of Gaza are proud of you.

Sounds like peace and love and unicorns, doesn't it?