Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Crime Family Planned to Portray Hit an Imam as Far-Right Crime

Well this is interesting:
An alleged Arab Israeli Jaffa crime organization planned to detonate a bomb under the car of a Muslim sheikh last month over a business dispute and then spray paint 'price-tag' graffiti in the area in order to draw blame on the far right, police suspect.

A total of eight suspects have been under arrest since last month, including four brothers from one family and two brothers from another family. A fourth suspect worked as a lawyer in the Justice Ministry. They had already assembled a powerful bomb, and were stopped by a police raid on a home in Jaffa in April hours before they planned on planting the device, a law enforcement source said. They had allegedly planned to detonate the advice after evening prayers at a Jaffa mosque. Police believe a disastrous outcome was averted thanks to the raid.