Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Best weekend ever????

Let's recap:
Safe and secure, uninterrupted royal wedding on Friday: Check.

Biggest UFC in North America (ever) on Saturday: Check.

Osama bin Laden killed by Navy SEALs on Sunday: Check.

Canada elects Conservative majority on Monday: Check. Check.


I will comment on the worrying rise of the NDP later. For now...

I am hitting the road on a celebratory tour! Will be back online at the end of the week.

A couple of updates:
First - Closet Conservative is back from her Passover break. Go and read.

Second: SMW has received a couple emails regarding traveling in Europe and overseas after Osama bin Laden's death. My thoughts on this are: use your head. Follow the warnings posted on your embassy's website. I would say you should probably cancel any shopping trips to Lahore. Just saying. If you come to London right now I wouldn't go running through the Tower Hamlet's with a Team USA shirt on (actually running is the only way I would go through the Tower Hamlet's), but otherwise just use your common sense. We are always on alert, so just be vigilant. We try to avoid the tube at rush hour anyway because of the crowds, but beyond that life is normal. I am traveling for most of this week and the husband is also out and about. Not changing any plans out of fear....oh except I am not sure if I am going to wear my US Army shirt when I go for a workout. Unless there are any SEALs out there who want to volunteer to run with me?