Tuesday, 12 April 2011

On Jewish Impotence....

I love this lady:

No matter how much proof they get, they retreat into a world where dialogue and interfaith discussions are the answer, negotiations more powerful than tanks and where they wish to buy the affection of our enemies with scholarships (Canadian Jewish Congress and the Somalis) and fund trips to the death camps for imams, which more likely results in inspiration rather than understanding.

A large number of Jews, and non-Jews are not happy with Jews being strong and having their own army.

Rather than recognize that it was precisely our lack of a state and army that doomed us in previous history-up to the Holocaust, they keep wrongly looking into themselves, asking 'why do they hate us', or some such combination of 'what did we do wrong'. They cannot bare to look at the truth, which is that the fact that you are a breathing, living Jew is your crime.