Thursday, 28 April 2011

McDonald's Fires Employee who filmed and posted beating

Last week I heard about the savage beating of a transgendered man/woman at a Maryland McDonald's. The video of the beating and the reaction of the restaurant's employees is sickening. Much has already been written about the topic and I am not feeling a need to add any additional commentary. However, I did contact McDonald's and they confirmed that the employee who made this video (and laughed while doing so), then posted it on the internet has been fired.

Excerpt from SMW's email to McDo:
Throughout the video the employees are heard snickering and laughing, then telling the attackers to run away because the police are coming. There is only one half-hearted attempt by someone who appears to be the manager to help this young woman. What would McDonald's reaction be if a black woman was severely beaten in one of its franchises by two white women, while a group of white male employees laughed and then encouraged the attackers to flee before the police could arrest them?

Excerpt from McDonald's reply:
There's no room for violence under the Golden Arches. We strongly condemn the videotaped assault in one of our Baltimore franchised restaurants. Working with the authorities, we now have more facts, and we want to share our actions with you.

First and foremost, our thoughts are with the victim during this time.

Our franchisee is investigating the behavior and response of his employees. Action has been taken, and the crew member who made the video is no longer employed by his organization. Appropriate action regarding other employees will take place as warranted.