Tuesday, 26 April 2011

London still a terror hub

You don't say.

Rusty @ Jawa Report:
That's five centers of Islamic worship in and around London that were directly responsible for radicalizing and then recruiting Muslims for the global jihad -- including serving as a conduit for al Qaeda.

And I've been to what was formerly the Finsbury Park Mosque. It's not small. I can only imagine how big the others -- especially the "Islamic center" -- were.

This is the real news, that as bad as mosques in Riyadh and Peshewar are the same political, anti-Western, conspiratorial, and radically conservative brand of Islam was not only being preached in the UK, but that such preaching was also widespread.

And these are just the mosques we know were directly recruiting for such groups as al Qaeda, the Taliban, and the Chechen Islamic State. Not the ones which indirectly lend their support for the global jihad through their overtly Salafist message or through their grand "the West is killing Muslims" conspiracty theories.

Which means radical Islamists with ties to global jihad were to be found in nearly all walks of British life shortly after 9/11 ... and possibly still are. And by "ties" here I mean direct ties, such as monetary or other support, through much more indirect ties such as having a cousin in this or that jihadi group in Pakistan. The kinds of ties that would normally mean that your number is programmed into my phone. We should expect to find them everywhere.

Click the link above and read the rest. Rusty is right on the money.

Hey speaking of the Finsbury Park Mosque (now called the North London Central Mosque, but forever known by its original name).....I wonder why nobody from the Board of Directors is on the guest list for Friday's royal wedding?? Prince Charles was, after all, such an avid supporter of the FPM when it opened.