Tuesday, 26 April 2011

In bid to avoid royal wedding SMW leaves London

Yes, I have left the centre of the universe and have been touring around Canada and the US. It's always good to be back, espcially at election time. Will be returning to the nest after the nuptuals. I left the husband behind only to find out that he will not be allowed to go to work due to royal wedding related security measures. I don't really have any feeling invested in Will & Kate's big day, but I do hope that everything goes off without a hitch. When I say "without a hitch" I don't mean 'I hope it doesn't rain', I mean I hope that no Islamist scumbags (or anybody for that matter) disrupt the festivities and endanger the thousands of tourists who will be in the area.

However I have discovered that leaving the UK means the only thing I have avoided is the crowds. This wedding is everywhere. It is making me crazy. Apparently because I live in London I am supposed to be a walking encyclopedia of royal wedding trivia. Please stop asking me about the wedding!!! I really do not understand why everyone talks about Will & Kate as if they know them. "Oh did you see those dresses she bought at Warehouse?" "Oh her parents are so proud of her." "Oh Will is really going to miss his mom on his wedding day." Eck. I do not know Will & Kate. I have never seen them in person. I am pretty sure that we have absolutely none of the same friends. Just because I love shopping on King's Road does not mean that I care what kind of underwear Kate picked up when she was out with her protective detail last week. Honestly. Stop. Asking.

I will be honest and say they are two things about this wedding that interest me: what Catherine wears, and what Victoria Beckham wears. (Hey we all have mindless indulgences). Otherwise, I just want to go about my business. On that note - allow me to direct you to Rick McGinnis's hilarious column on how to avoid the royal wedding.