Saturday, 19 March 2011

Unfathomable Disasters in the Era of Entitlement

I am somewhat relieved to see that even readers of the G&M are calling this guy exactly what he is: a whining child. Canada does not need little boys who act like this.

My picks from the comments:
You have to love these guys who move to another country, live there full time, pay taxes there, marry a local, and yet expect the Canadian government to bail them out of trouble.
Grow up Mr. Paauwe! YOU MOVED TO JAPAN. Accept responsibility for your choice.

For someone who chose to live in a foreign country in an area with known risks for such events, he should consider himself lucky to be alive and grateful that Canadian government would send a bus at all to pick him up.

Why did he not send his wife and child to Canada and then stick around and help out ? Thats what men do !!!!

Oh and sorry you never got a 4 star hotel, as the rest of the country struggles to survive....

Maybe if he had spent less time “videoing his life amid the ruins” and more time taking responsibility for his evacuation, he would have been out of Sendai a lot sooner.