Thursday, 10 February 2011

Travel Alert: PA tourism is booming

Palestinians say West Bank is safer than Egypt. Hotels are full. Tourism booming. But wait, I thought Israel ruined the West Bank and everyone lived in poverty and life there was hellish and full of despair. Why would anyone want to go there on vacation??
In economic terms at least, Palestinians in the West Bank have gained from the political unrest in Egypt, with a sharp increase in the number of tourists heading to the Palestinian Authority at Cairo’s expense.

The renowned Everest hotel in Beit Jala, overlooking Bethlehem, has seen lively tourist traffic over the past weekend, with Owner Makram al-Arja addressing with great satisfaction what has become known as the “Egypt effect.”

“Last week, almost all the hotels in Bethlehem were at full capacity, and there was also a waitlist for vacated rooms,” he said.

Hmmmm I wonder what the spinoffs of the Egypt effect will be.