Thursday, 10 February 2011

Things you should read

Kaffir Kanuck's latest update from the Gan. Dispatch 40.

Lumpy's shots of the "pro democracy" rally for Egypt in Toronto. Look and learn my friends. Funny how these shots didn't make it onto the CBC's coverage....

A Conversation with a NeoConservative about Egypt. This is just awesome.
It's not in our ideals to support people who bomb churches and murder little girls. Most Egyptians want to see Muslims who leave Islam executed. Mubarak doesn't. Most Jordanians want the right to kill their daughters or sisters when they dishonor them. King Hussein doesn't. Do our ideals really call on us to support church bombings and the murder of little girls in the name of democracy? And isn't placing democracy above human rights ideological fanaticism?

Supergran. Have a go granny. Whatever you call her this lady is awesome. Honestly. She should be teaching the leaders of tomorrow.