Saturday, 5 February 2011

Saturday musings....

It seems I missed Thursday this week. Not sure how that happened.

Egypt is burning and gas prices are climbing. Lots of speculation going around about the Suez Canal being blocked but so far nothing has happened on that front. The public reaction to this situation is reminiscent of the Green Revolution (if you want to call it that) in Iran. Take note: things are still status quo there. What never ceases to amaze me is the willingness of the general public to jump on any bandwagon, even if they are completely unaware of who is driving it or where it is heading, as soon as they hear the word "oppressed." The Egyptian government has massive problems and is certainly not one SMW would ever want to live under - however the people who think any "real" change is going to happen in Egypt are just serving as useful idiots. Some "real" change may come, but it will not be in the form of a freedom loving, tolerant, democratic state. But nobody seems to care, the general public is ready to chant Viva la revolucion and the Muslims Brotherhood is now a totally peaceful, moderate group. Christians: Get out of Egypt now.
Daniel Greenfield has a must read article on the subject:
Mubarak has agreed not to run for reelection. ElBaradei said that he won't run for office, but then said that he might run "if the Egyptian people want me." (As if the Egyptian people have anything to do with it.) But the foreign backers of the protests, Soros and the Iran, want ElBaradei to take power without winning an election. They know he can't win an actual election and that the Muslim Brotherhood running directly would upset the West too much. This way ElBaradei gets to play the stalking horse for the Brotherhood. So the calls are not for "open and fair elections", but for an immediate transition. For Mubarak to leave right now.

The fundamental difference between the protests in Iran and those in Egypt, is that Iranians were protesting a stolen election, and in Egypt the protesters want to steal an election before it actually takes place.

David Cameron's mealy-mouth speeched about multiculralism failing: I am not really sure that is what he said. Every good thing he said seemed to be countered by some kind of weak balancing act he was trying to play. Passivism has allowed Islamic extremists to thrive in the UK. Ok. Oh but we need to watch out for those Christian hate preachers. Honestly. Speaking the truth isn't what it used to be. I guess this might be a step in the right direction but I am not excited about it, although apparently the Muslim Council of Britain is.

Remember the BA worker who wanted to splode himself on a plane while regular BA staff was on strike? Apparently he is budduy-buddy with Awlaki. Rusty has the goods.

Kathy Shaidle on Afraid to Lose MyJobness:You say to me, “Oh, Kathy, we can’t all be like you.” (i.e., a sociopath.)

Here is the paradox: until everybody is prepared to “be like me,” we will all be back here ten years from now, Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel — bitching about political correctness, and mopping up more blood.