Thursday, 10 February 2011

Post Onslaught

In the wee hours of Thursday morning this week's update beings. I am in a mood so here comes an onslaught (I am pretty sure I did not make this word up) of posts.

Last night I found myself in a restaurant near a rather well-respected university. SMW was dining alone, trying to get some reading done which was rather difficult when the individuals at the table behind me were speaking above the acceptable restaurant chatter-level. Apparently they were studying for an American history midterm. Apparently they are the leaders of tomorrow (or at least they applied to some leadershipish post graduate program). Apparently the ability to carry on intelligent conversation is no longer a requirement for the leaders of tomorrow. I will spare you all the details, and instead provide you with a brief synopsis of the conversation:
I am like totally going out for lunch with professors A, B and C because I know that they have soft spots for me and will like totally help me get into the program. My dad knows someone on the committee and is like totally going to call him and put in a good word, but he told me to be careful because I don't want to come off as obnoxious. This course has like totally improved my understanding and stuff that I know, I like totally get now why America is so messed up. I totally understand why the North Hates the South. Americans are always going back to their constitution. It's like every time someone does something they don't like 'whoa hold on a minute that is like totally against the constitution,' which is so funny because the constitution doesn't really mean anything - it's just a guideline that was written to stop America from turning into the monarchy. They are so afraid of the monarchy. Canadians don't care about the monarchy. That's why we are like way more chilled. Let's talk about the 14th amendment......oh I am so glad we decided to come here and study together. I hope your girlfriend is not jealous.

When I got up from my table I was expecting to see some tart looking bleach blond fake tan half dressed girl, but instead I saw an attractive, well-dressed young girl who looked (key word) like she knew exactly what she was talking about which I think is what scared me a little.

Future leaders.