Friday, 21 January 2011

Thursday night/Friday morning musings....

Well I am not going to be breaking any news at this hour.
A few comments on recent happenings in SMW's world, and the world at large.

Arizona shootings: Don't think there is anything for SMW to add what has already been said. A sickening media reaction to the abhorrent actions of a monster.

Airport security:
Over the holidays I had to catch a connecting flight at a Canadian airport, Pearson. I was sitting in a lounge area (already through security) and a US customs agent walked by. An airport staff member also walked by and swiped a card for secure entry into what I guess is a restricted area of the airport. The employee passed through and kept walking. Before the 'secured door' closed three males who appeared to be in their late teens or early twenties came running (literally) seemingly out of nowhere, carrying backpacks and ran through the door. I saw it. The customs agent saw it. We gave each other the "what the heck just happened" look and then I sat down and started working while he called security. Within several minutes there were a number of security related people in the area and after what seemed like a lot of confusion the employee that had originally gone through the door was hauled out and given an earful. It was all very bizarre, and from what I gathered it was just three kids being idiots. Nonetheless, it was bizarre and unsettling. What if the US official had not been walking by when this happened? I don't think he was on duty, in fact it seemed like he was on his break and we both just happened to witness this. Had he not been there I would have reported it (to who I don't know), but what if neither of us had been there and there had been a real threat instead of just a breach? Things that make you say hmmm.

Morality Police:
A woman has been jailed in Dubai (a Western woman) for having extramarital sex after being caught in a love triangle. Why, why, why do people think they can go to Dubai and do whatever they want? Sex and The City 2 syndrome?