Thursday, 16 December 2010

Jenny Peto and the White Jews.....

Scaramouche has my favourite commentary on this fiasco so far:

Grandma got run over by a thesis.
Crackpot Marxist bollocks did the trick.
You may think "white" Jews "misuse" the Shoah.
And if you do, my dear, you're really sick...

Just remember this:

But Peto is a small fish. The bigger problem here is OISE — the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, AKA UToronto’s teacher’s college — itself. For years, I’ve been hearing tales of political correctness gone amok at OISE, including radical anti-Israeli events. But it took the Peto case to really get me probing around to see what else is going on at OISE.

Someone else who’s been doing his homework is Werner Cohn, a former UBC sociology prof now living in New York. Below, reproduced with his permission, is his analysis of the 36 internet-available master’s theses that have been conducted under the auspices of OISE’s Department of Sociology and Equity Studies in Education department. They read like a satire of 1990s-era political correctness.

Surely, the higher-ups at UToronto know about this sort of thing. Will the Peto scandal give them the excuse they need to clean house?