Wednesday, 29 December 2010

I saw three mules come flying in on Christmas Day, on Christmas Day....

I saw three (drug) mules come flying in to Heathrow Christmas Day Morning.

UKBA, yet another institution exemplifying British incompetence, ordered staff not to search for concealed drugs over Christmas. You know because there was like so much snow on the ground, and people had the flu, and were hungover, there was like, totally a major staff shortage.

What else, or more importantly who else slipped through the border over Christmas??

An email from the UK Border Agency on December 23 told customs employees at the airport they should 'not actively seek to identify any passenger with internal concealments' due to staff shortages.

The UKBA has now apologised for the edict, which would have allowed mules carrying Class A substances to stroll through the west London airport unhindered.