Thursday, 30 December 2010

Daniel Greenfield on Wikileaks and Anti-Americanism

Absolutely worth reading.

Assange allows the left to play at revolution, without fear of getting hurt. People may die because of Assange, but it will generally be in parts of the world that they hardly ever visit, except as protest tourists, flashing their EU or American passports, sweeping in to take some photos of the native wildlife, pose with a local human rights activist, maybe wave a sign or throw a stone, and then head on home to their flat and their flatscreen and their good life.

Seen in that light, Wikileaks is less a resource and more of a theme park, lending the experience of virtual revolution to the pampered sons and daughters of the prosperous West, allowing them to participate in imaginary assaults on the regime without ever leaving the comfort of their living room. So much of the activism has been headed that way, like Twitter campaigns in which people with nothing at stake pretend that they're making a difference in the protest movements of countries like Iran, where protesters are tortured, raped and murdered.

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

I saw three mules come flying in on Christmas Day, on Christmas Day....

I saw three (drug) mules come flying in to Heathrow Christmas Day Morning.

UKBA, yet another institution exemplifying British incompetence, ordered staff not to search for concealed drugs over Christmas. You know because there was like so much snow on the ground, and people had the flu, and were hungover, there was like, totally a major staff shortage.

What else, or more importantly who else slipped through the border over Christmas??

An email from the UK Border Agency on December 23 told customs employees at the airport they should 'not actively seek to identify any passenger with internal concealments' due to staff shortages.

The UKBA has now apologised for the edict, which would have allowed mules carrying Class A substances to stroll through the west London airport unhindered.

The G&M sure knows how to pick them.....

This comment from L Rob pretty much sums it up:
How suitable that the Globe should select a person in search of clients to keep the liberal victim industry churning.

Gag me.

Rabbis and Synagogues on list of terrorist's potential targets

The addresses of the two targeted rabbis and their synagogues appeared on a list of six targets found by police. The list also included the London Stock Exchange, the mayor's office, the US embassy and the dean of St Paul’s Chapter House. The suspects were also seen studying the tower of Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, the London Eye and the Church of Scientology, according to reports.

Fox News Adopts "Homicide Bombers"

Curious to know when they made this change.

Will others follow suit?

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Shopping on Rue St-Denis?

I think it is time for some new shoes......and I know just where you can get them.

Quelque chose dont on a toujours besoin : )

da Juice spread da AIDS.....

So the moderates say.

Makes you wonder what the "extremists" are saying, doesn't it?

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Newsmageddon in the UK.....

Having fun with local headlines today. Wondering what kind of earth shaking would happen if these stories met in some kind of newsapolistic fusion....

More than 300 patients in intensive care as Swine Flu sweeps the country (Daily Mail)

UK snow: rail passengers endure travel misery as Heathrow fiasco enters fifth day (Telegraph)

Met Office warns of more snow as bitter breeze adds to big freeze (Metro)

Christmas dinner hits the skids: Fears grow that supermarkets will run out of fresh food before the big day (Daily Mail)

And so can we expect tomorrow's headlines to read something along the following....
Thousands of tourists infected with swine flu as they wait for incompetent BAA chief to clear runway at Heathrow after he refused offer of military assistance as snow continues to fall delaying the arrival (by air) of swine flu vaccinations and the NHS is advising the public to stay indoors and eat well during this blistering blizzard however nobody is eating because the lorries are stuck on the motorway and the kids have no presents and Christmas is ruined as the entire country is sick and is tired of the snow even though we barely have any on the ground and the only people who are happy are the twelve terrorists recently arrested by Scotland Yard because all the stores of run out of ham and everyone is having a halal Christmas.

Rocket Science: Poor hit hardest by rising food prices

Ok there are a few intresting things in this article, but seriously....

Monday, 20 December 2010

Christmas Terror Arrests in the UK

Deck the jails with jihadis........

It is understood that the plans for the alleged attacks were at an advanced stage and involved 'multiple' locations.

West Midlands Police said in a statement: 'All were arrested at or near their home addresses, with the exception of one suspect from Stoke who was at a domestic property in Birmingham.

'Searches are now being conducted at the home addresses, plus the address in Birmingham and another residence in London.
'The suspects will be held at police stations in central London, the North West and the West Midlands.'
The police statement said five of the suspects were from Cardiff, four were from Stoke-on-Trent and three were from London, including the 17-year-old.
The operation is being led by Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner Stuart Osborne, the Senior National Co-ordinator Terrorist Investigations, and is being coordinated from the West Midlands Counter-Terrorism Unit.

Friday, 17 December 2010

Dear People of Britain:

Please stop using your brollies in the snow. You look ridiculous.

Thank you,

I would read this book.....

I'd still love someone to pay me to write a book called Famous People You've Never Heard Of, a cultural history of that soon-to-be extinct phenomenon. (There was a time, for example, when the name "Albert Schweitzer" was internationallyy synonymous with philanthropy; eventually that name became "Mother Teresa" instead and Schweitzer is largely forgotten. How, exactly, did that happen?)

So today, investing in fame is like investing in gold, except in a world where a gold standard still applied. Fame is the new "Owning your own home" or "Buy land: God's not making any more of it."

I hope one day Kathy writes it.

"Innocent" Darling of British Left Killed Hanging with Al Qaeda in Pakistan

A big hearty thanks to the once noble institution known as Amnesty International for freeing this guy. Had they not acted, he would still be alive and well in the UK. As it stands now, he's dead. So kudos to you and all the asshats on the Left who worked so tirelessly to make sure this guy could get off welfare (yes, really -- the UK was paying him to sit on hiss ass and complain about how unjust they were) and leave Britain!

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Jenny Peto and the White Jews.....

Scaramouche has my favourite commentary on this fiasco so far:

Grandma got run over by a thesis.
Crackpot Marxist bollocks did the trick.
You may think "white" Jews "misuse" the Shoah.
And if you do, my dear, you're really sick...

Just remember this:

But Peto is a small fish. The bigger problem here is OISE — the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, AKA UToronto’s teacher’s college — itself. For years, I’ve been hearing tales of political correctness gone amok at OISE, including radical anti-Israeli events. But it took the Peto case to really get me probing around to see what else is going on at OISE.

Someone else who’s been doing his homework is Werner Cohn, a former UBC sociology prof now living in New York. Below, reproduced with his permission, is his analysis of the 36 internet-available master’s theses that have been conducted under the auspices of OISE’s Department of Sociology and Equity Studies in Education department. They read like a satire of 1990s-era political correctness.

Surely, the higher-ups at UToronto know about this sort of thing. Will the Peto scandal give them the excuse they need to clean house?

Two White British Al Qaeda Members Killed in Drone Attack

Smoke 'em out.

The men, one of whom was apparently called Steve, died five days ago when a Hellfire missile was fired from a remote controlled American drone in the town of Datta Khel. If confirmed, they would be the first white British converts to have been killed in the area. The militants, who were aged 48 and 25 and using the pseudonyms Abu Bakr and Mansoor Ahmed, were in a vehicle with two other fighters.

US Congressman Brian Baird out railing against Israel...

Although many may not recognize the name, a number of you might remember a video that circulated back in 2009 of a US Marine ripping into Baird at a townhall meeting about Obamacare.

Baird's anti-Israel diatribes are nothing new, however this video is still getting posted. Just a reminder that he is still out spreading lies.

Back Online....

The holiday season is certainly busy, busy in the Square Mile. Sorting through my emails and getting ready to put some new things up......