Thursday, 18 November 2010

York University: Terror Supporting Failed Politicians - IN, Jews with Opinions - OUT

BCF has lots on this so I divert you to him.

Geroge Galloway is one nasty piece of work. The last time I saw him (in person) he was shaking hands with a couple of guys wearing keffiyehs and carrying signs saying that Jews are Nazis and that Muslims needed to unite and overtake the West. He was walking towards the stage at a large anti-Israel protest in Hyde Park, where one of the speakers was shouting in the microphone that Jews were murderers who should "not be allowed to walk the streets of Europe."

But just so I don't get sued - by allowing Galloway to spew his filth at York, President Mamdouh Shoukri is NOT tolerating anti semitism which is why he has fired up his lawyers and is getting ready to sue a Jew who dared (the audacity!) to suggest that bringing a known terror supporter (who was in fact kicked out of his own party) might make an already unhealthy environment worse.

Hey, maybe Shoukri doesn't think Galloway is an antisemite. Maybe Shoukri thinks that Galloway is just telling it like it is,......

What we know for sure is that Mamdouh seems to have little problem with Jewish students being attacked and intimidated on campus (or if he does he is pretty good at keeping his thoughts to himself), he appears to be cool with Geroge IHeartSaddamHusseinandHatedaJuice Galloway spreading his message on campus, but what he definitely does have a problem with is a Jew who critcizes him and suggests he might show up on campus.