Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Don't touch my junk!

SMW absolutely needs one of these.

Pat-downs often take up to four minutes, according to the TSA's website, though that could be longer if someone requests it be done in a room out of public view or if an ill-at-ease traveler asks for a full explanation of the procedure beforehand.

Factoring in those time estimates, it would take a total of around 15 minutes to put 100 people through a body scan — but at least 6 hours to pat down the same number of travelers.

The TSA's Chicago spokesman, Jim Fotenos, would not disclose how many travelers are normally selected for scans. He said only "a relatively small percentage" normally need pat-downs.

Fotenos declined to say if the agency was taking precautionary steps ahead of the protest, saying only that passengers can make their experience better "by coming prepared and arriving early."

On Friday, TSA head John Pistole told CBS's "The Early Show" that the close-quarter body inspections are unavoidable in a time of terrorist threats.

In a time of terrorist threats security officials should be profiling. Period. As I have written before, just sitting here at my desk in the wee hours of the morning I can think of several ways to wreak havoc on a flight after clearing security. Liquor bottles, hairpsray, hot coffee pots, wine bottles, a match, a lighter that has snuck through somehow.......of course we need some level of screening but if people actually believe that essentially strip searching EVERY passenger (except of course for a certain group trying to get excemptions on religous modesty grounds, ahem) will make for safer skies they are taking comfort in what is for the most part a waste of valuable resources.