Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Woman takes yobs and railway company to task...

Interesting. Sadly it is mainly just a reminder of the classless losers (and I am not referring to that 'class' that comes with money) who fill the trains and tubes in their drunken state most any day of the week. This lady is lucky she was not physically attacked.

She eventually moved after the station controller promised her he would not move the train and that the police would be called.

Two British Transport Police officers arrived and, after discussions with railway officials, the train was terminated.

Mrs Robinson said yesterday that she was glad she had made a stand and would do it again.

‘I think too often these yobs are allowed to get away with it,’ she added. ‘When the thugs started kicking off, one woman said to me that I should accept it as it was just the world we live in. But I refuse to live in a society where this sort of thing goes unpunished.