Wednesday, 13 October 2010

From the Women's Movement to Girl Power.....Part 1

Once upon a time there was something called the Woman's Movement (or Women's Movement, or Womyn's Movement, or the Men Are Bastards Movement... it gets confusing). Women were upset because they had to stay home, cook dinner, and change their name when they got married. Then there was some kind of revolution. Women burned their bras, stopped shaving their legs, got jobs and started getting divorces too. They were free! Free! Free at last! Some women questioned the rationale behind the movement, and many were aghast when Betty Friedan compared life as a housewife in suburbia to living in a concentration camp. Betty Friedan may not have been your ordinary housewife, and life in suburbia might have nothing in common with life in Auschwitz, but hey, nobody wants to let facts get in the way of a good movement. Any woman who questioned the Woman's Movement was branded a traitor and considered an apparatus of the oppressive male regime.

The Woman's Movement was not about celebrating femininity, it was about turning women into men. Working in a "man's world," being part of the "boys club" and shedding all traces of the female self which symbolized oppression and stupidity. Motherhood was a prison sentence and marriage was putting yourself in a box.

I started writing this post several days ago and then lost track of it, oddly enough because I was swamped with my "real" job which is taking up increasingly large amounts of my time. Then this morning I read a little post over at Closet Conservative that seems to fit with this women wanting to be men idea (see below) and I decided to make this a three part series. Just to keep everyone coming back for more haha. Stay tuned.

The tone of their discourse seems to be that they have 'no choice' but to be the man of the family because they are more manly or something.

I think they are sad, empty shells of women who are married to a bunch of dickless eunuchs.