Wednesday, 6 October 2010

British Terorrist Killed in Drone Attack

Go Team America!!!

A terrorist suspect killed in a drone attack in Pakistan last month was a British man tasked with leading an Al Qaeda group in the UK.

A senior Pakistani security source said that Abdul Jabbar was a British citizen who had a British wife and was living in Punjab, Pakistan.

According to the source, he was chosen as the leader of a new group, to be called The Islamic Army of Great Britain, at a meeting in the North Waziristan region of Pakistan three months ago.

Other stuff: Check the news for stories today about 12 men arrested in France (Marseille and Boredeaux) for planning Mumbai style attacks. Interesting to note: News reports are saying that many of these men were known to police and had been previously arrested on terror charges. More details are needed, but is this a good case study to point out that current EU laws are not adequate for dealing with the threat of terrorism?