Friday, 8 October 2010

8 Britain's Trained for Mumbai style terror attacks?

So the Daily Mail is reporting.

The chance of an attack in London seems quite likely on the most normal of days, so the media hype over the current threat really doesn't have my proverbial knickers in a twist. In London one must always be viglant (truly we should all be vigilant wherever we find ourselves).

To be totally honest seeing more armed police out on the streets actually makes me feel a bit safer. (Yes I am aware of one extremely unfortunate incident involving armed police and terror threats in London.) Every once in awhile as I swipe my Oyster card and walk through the gates I wonder 'what would happen if someone opened fire?' Would the British Transport Police yell: "Stop or I'll.......walk towards you unarmed and hope that you don't shoot me before I tackle you and your AK47"?? When I see security officers with semi automatics and loaded glocks I let out a small sigh of relief, then I pray that they do not have to use them.

Keep calm and carry on Londoners.