Saturday, 18 September 2010

Was Taliban behind killing of Pakistani politician in London?

Something seems off.

It is understood detectives are hunting a lone Asian man in connection with the attack, which was witnessed by several people.
Initially, the murder – in broad daylight – appeared to be a clumsy attack carried out by someone with a personal grudge.

But the possibility that Dr Farooq, 50, was the victim of a political assassination appeared to gather credence after MQM members in London claimed the Taliban had issued a fatwa against party officials for their staunch opposition to Islamic fundamentalism in Pakistan.

Gangs torched vehicles and a shop in Karachi, where gas stations, schools and markets were closed and public transport halted yesterday as news of Dr Farooq's death spread.

Scotland Yard refused to speculate on possible motives for the killing in a quiet suburban road in Edgware, insisting officers were keeping an open mind.