Friday, 17 September 2010

TUC Votes to Boycott Israel

It was as if a ten ton weight had been lifted from the Barons’ shoulders! “Brilliant, Sally” said Barking. “We’ll get the Fire Brigade Union to write the motion. They are the experts on the Middle East.

SMW is so glad that Jonathan Hoffman (who wrote the above) and Jonathan Sacerdoti (below) are Jews living in Britain today. The work they do is invaluable. Take the time to read both their writeups (the satire and the press release).

Jonathan Sacerdoti, Director of Public Affairs of the Zionist Federation, said "the TUC Congress calls for an immediate end to the military blockade on Gaza . This can only happen when there is no remaining threat of terrorist rocket attacks emanating from the Gaza strip. Rockets are currently still being launched towards Israeli civilian areas. In recent months Israel lifted many of the restrictions on what is allowed to pass into the Gaza strip, but it remains clear to all who are open minded enough to see it that until a better method for ensuring Israel's security from terrorist attacks exists, restrictions must stay in place. This is simply common sense.

"The TUC should concentrate on representing the interests of its members at a time when cuts are affecting ever more of them. There is no legitimate reason for the TUC to be targeting Israel (and no other country in the world) according the dubious desires of a group of its members who take few (if any) proactive actions to foster peace in the Middle East . The PSC continually seeks to hijack Trade Unions to promote their anti-Israel and anti-peace agenda. It is a divisive and disruptive organization.“