Saturday, 18 September 2010

Shujaat is the gift that keeps on giving....

Remember good old Shujaat? Ball hockey playing, 9/11 Truther, Jew Hater Extraodinaire, not to mention federal government employee and Director of the RS Foundation, linked in numerous ways to the recent terror arrests in Canada......
While scrolling the web yet another one of his self-penned masterpieces has appeared, this one is about the shooting at Dawson College in Montreal a few years ago.

Headlines across North America would have immediately declared this incident as a terrorist attack, thus prompting media outlets across the world to follow suit. Prime Minister Stephen Harper would come on TV with the same smug face he wore after the 17 arrests in Ontario in June [1], preaching the virtues of being Bush’s apprentice and rallying Canadians to embark wholeheartedly on the Neo-Con Crusade. Condoleezza Rice would also have flashed a gap-toothed smile on TV networks, reiterating Neo-Con philosophy with increased gusto. Perhaps the Dark Lord, Dubya himself, would have expressed some words with the very eloquence that has made him famous.[2]

Islamophobes would crawl out of the woodworks in droves, advocating profiling and harassment of anyone who "looks Muslim". The mainstream media would feature all kinds of so-called experts spewing venomous right-wing rhetoric. Islam would be attacked as a vicious, violent religion. Public support for the Canadian military mission in Afghanistan, which is extremely low currently, would potentially rise – not for particular support of the mission but more for "vengeance". Muslim groups would come out, tirelessly condemning the attacks, yet they would still be hounded by many for “not doing anything”. They would face a backlash in the form of mosque vandalism, hate and maybe even physical assault.
And this is just a taster. You can read the whole thing here. (Although personally I wouldn't bother giving Al Jazeera the hits.)

Can someone please explain to me how dearest Shujaat passed the screening required to be a Federal employee?
Shujaat must be very upset that his terror plotting ball hockey buddies have been arrested. How will he vent his anger?