Tuesday, 7 September 2010

RS Foundation and Terror Arrest Updates

There is alot of information floating around the blogosphere about this now. Here is my most succinct update:

On July 27th SMW broke the story tying the iFreedom Halal MasterCard to the RS Foundation and its Jew-hating, 9/11 truther Director Shujaat Wasty (who also happens to be an employee of the Canadian Federal government). Fellow bloggers such as Blazing Cat Fur, Ghost of a Flea, Jawa Report, Moose and Squirrel run the story.

Several days later Daniel Greenfield (Sultan Knish) delves into the connection between the RS Foundation and Human Concern International.

Frustration grows as no news outlets in Canada seem interested in this story and the RS Foundation begins scrubbing their webpage. On August 10th we confirm (what we already knew) that Wasty is a Federal employee.

Nobody cares. The media sleeps.

Fast forward to August 28th and SMW is deep in the South, having not seen a computer for days and opens her email to find a note from a friend at the Jawa Report asking her about these Canadian terror arrests. After a few rapid emails and newspaper reads it is clear: the RS Foundation is tied to a number of suspects in the terror cases. Suddenly SMW's site is being visited by multiple news outlets. Funny how that works.

Dr. Khurram Sher, one of the accused, is an officer of the RS Foundation. In a blog post, RS Foundation Director Shujaat Wasty describes Dr. Sher as a "cousin." (Details and more on this can be found at the intrepid Blazing Cat Fur). Moving along - Dr. Sher (yes, this is the former Canadian Idol contestant who had recently been hired on by a hospital in a small Ontario town) was living in a rather pricey neighbourhood, in a house owned by Dr. Fasahat Wasty. However, in the same post, Blazing Cat Fur revealed that Dr. Wasty's wife, Zeba Hashmi, also described Dr. Sher as a distant relative. Hmmmmm the hip bone is connect to the backbone, the backbone is connected......

One of the other terror suspects, Misbahuddin Ahmed (an Xray technician arrested in Ottawa) was active in the online community, and according to the National Post was involved in Montreal's branch of the Al Maghrib institute. Also tied to this institute is Dr. Wasty's wife, Zeba Hashmi who's brother founded the institute. The National Post article is definitely worth reading - it also points out that Ahmed's brother-in-law and sister ran an Islamic children's magazine called Recess Kids which boasted advice from a "Dr. Sher" and carried advertisements for the RS Foundation.

MontrealMuslims.ca sends out an email instructing members not to cooperate with authorities.

At court appearances the usual suspects show up to cry injustice.

What ties all these suspects together? The Muslim Ball Hockey League in Montreal and the RS Foundation. When SMW began investigating the RS Foundation I found that numerous board members and their buddies were all playing in this Muslim Ball Hockey League, posting stuff on Montreal based Muslims forums about the ball hockey league, etc. Wasty even won some scoring award (see Ghost of a Flea, can't find exact link at the moment). *UPDATE: here is the link, apprently the ball hockey award was actually named after Dr. Sher. Thank you Flea!* These guys were even hosting Canada Day BBQs and writing little love notes about the cabane à sucre (if you are thinking wth you're not the only one). This whole story is one massive tangled jihadi web. I have little analysis to offer at the moment as I am extremely jetlagged and running out of steam in the wee hours. Blazing Cat Fur also has a good roundup of events.

The CBC recently reported that over 50 detonators were found in one of the accused's apartment.

Sources have confirmed that Dr. Sher's family has fled the London (Canada) area. The London Mosque issued a statement asking people not to "rush to judgement" and the mayor even appeared because everyone is soooo scared of backlash lash lash. Dr. Sher had barely arrived in London, perhaps it is more worth taking a look at who helped him get to London and their connections to radical groups (see notes above).

Let's end with this: Salim Mansur (a Canadian Muslim based in London, Canada) wrote a piece for the Toronto Sun on the need for profiling. Go read it.