Saturday, 18 September 2010

Random Musings on a Friday, and Man of the Week

First, Man of the Week. Unfortunately I cannot identify this man by name, but I can say that he works on a Diplomatic Protection team somewhere in Europe. I do not know if has ever read my blog, but I want to thank him for the work he does. I am grateful for your service and I wish there were more like you.
OK moving on....
As some of my readers have likely guessed I was in the US of A several weeks ago on holidays. While I was there the body of a US Marine killed Afghanistan was repatriated and his funeral was held. It was very powerful to see not just a community, but what seemed like an entire state rallying in support of this young man and his family. In the most tragic of circumstances there is something incredibly uplifting, seeing all these people who "get it." People were lined up for hours to pay their respects, all the local news channels were covering the story, this man died a hero - and the people knew it. God bless the American soldier.
While still on vacation I was driving through a rural area on a beautiful sunny day. As I passed an apple orchard I noticed a stand set up on the side of the road. After a quick u-turn I was staring at more apples than I had seen in one place for a long time, dreaming up all the things I could make if only someone was actually working at the stand. This is when I noticed a note stuck to an unlocked cash box: "Apples - $9.00/bushel. Honor system." I left my money in the box, loaded the trunk up with apples and drove away. These are my people.