Thursday, 9 September 2010

Muslim World Asks Obama to stop Koran burning

Personally I think burning the Quran is stupid. Even more ridiculous is the hypocritical, faux outrage (although I guess it is not really faux) surrounding the burning of the Quran (which has almost entirely been whipped up by the media). If Obama speaks on this after refusing to commenton the mosque at Ground Zero it will likely turn out to be a major strategic error on his part. It appears that the vast majority of Americans believe this little book burning party is a dumb idea and want nothing to do with it - however if the President comes out and speaks on this after refusing to speak on some other "teachable moments" the reaction in public opinion will be swift.

[Note: Stephen Harper has already made the mistake.]

I will whip myself into a frenzy about a fringe wingnut who appears to be a total jackass that the majority of Americans want nothing to do with when the following issues receive international attention and are condemned by POTUS and world leaders:

Ohio Man Burns American Flags on Memorial Day

Flag Set on Fire at Veteran's Home

Protestors Burn Effigy of US Soldier

American Military has to burn Bibles in Afghanistan

Muslims Attack Christian Center in Indonesia

Four Christian Apostates Beheaded

Afghans burn Obama Effigy, Shout Death to Jews and Christians

Muslim Protestors chant Death to Israel and Death to USA while burning the flags of Armenia, Great Britain, and the USA along with an effigy of Netanyahu.

The story of the Koran burning has been around for months now. It is only in the past few weeks that the MSM has picked it up. It is the media that has turned this into a big story and is more than happy to whip the world into a frenzy. When a wingnut and a few of his followers announce their plans to burn a book it "puts our troops at risk." However when the media leaks classified information, smears soldiers, leaks videos without proper fact checking or clarification they are just doing their job.

Protest will take place over this, and the media will say this hatred of America is a direct result of the Quran being burned. Yes, people will be mad that the Quran was burned but this will only stoke their hatred of the West, not cause it.

More on this later. Maybe.