Monday, 20 September 2010

Has feminism killed the art of home cooking?

There is some truth in this, though all the blame cannot be laid at the feet of people like Betty Friedan. There a number of factors at play...
Domestic cooking was chucked aside as an irrelevance, an icon of unfairness to women — which allowed a very eager food industry to leap forward with the convenience-food solution.

This is happening in North America, although I think it is happening on a greater scale in the UK. Every time I find myself on the tube with a cake of homemade dessert people actually approach me to ask if I made it myself, and then act shocked when I say that I did. (And believe me - aside from people asking directions is the has always been the only time strangers have ever talked to me on the tube). People just cannot understand that someone under 50 would actually know how to cook.

Maybe I am the exception because I love cooking and have been buying cookbooks since I was 5??

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