Thursday, 30 September 2010

Daniel Greenfield: The Five Biggest Lies About Liberalism

This is good. Really good.

That leads us to the absurd spectacle of academic feminists declaring that successful female candidates who don't share their politics are not feminists, but male candidates who do, are. Dig down to their real definition of feminism, and it turns out to be liberalism.

None of this has anything to do with women, just as multiculturalism has nothing to do with race. Take away the disguises, and you end up with the same old ideology marketed to target groups as a political organizing tactic.

Soros Funding J Street

Not surprised.

Melanie Phillips:
As Michael Goldfarb explains in the Weekly Standard, this revelation has totally smashed the credibility of J-Street, which had repeatedly given the strong impression that Soros -- who has taken a consistently hostile attitude towards Israel and criticised the US decision not to negotiate with Hamas -- was not one of their funders.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

British Newspaper Decimates US Missionary Group

Several times I have told people that the worst way to smear someone in the UK is to refer to them as an evanglical Christian. I can't say I was surprised by a write up in The Telegraph about a missionary group based in Florida called Teen Missions. (Ed Note: SMW is an evangelical, and she knows people who have gone to Teen Misssions. In fact about 15 years ago she herself even considered going on one of these trips.) OK, back to the topic at hand.

Personally I agree that short term missions trips do very little in the communities they visit, and are purely for the "missionaries" (and I use that term loosely) going on them. This is despite the fact that they likely provide some moments of comfort or pleasure for locals - in the long run they do nothing, in fact in alot of cases I think they stunt development. That said, the head of TMI is pretty clear himself that these trips are about exposing kids to what is going on in the rest of the world.

Sending a nine year old kid on any kind of mission trip seems inappropriate to me, so I agree with some of those criticisms laid out in the article.

Eighty million Americans identify themselves as Evangelical Christians, making them the largest religious group in the United States, and while some say missionaries have been a force for good, providing much-needed medical care and education as well as championing the rights of indigenous people, others say the spread of Christianity reeks of colonialism and has obliterated native traditions. But that hasn’t stopped the Teenvangelists – this new breed of young, passionate American bent on spreading their old-time religion.

The article begins with a criticism of missionaries in general, fails to follow the most basic principal of evangelical Christians (Salvation - at one point the author wonders how anyone in can have any hope after a camp leader says that all sin is equal no matter what it is, but then fails to point what I am sure the leader also said - something along the lines of 'by grace you have been saved through faith'), and then ends with the image of an unhappy child hanging themselves from the prayer tower (which is compared to a prison tower, where in fact no child hung themself).

The venom and criticisms in the article and the comments beneath it have brought me back to my original statement: The worst way to smear someone in the UK is to refer to them as an evangelical Christian.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Obama Linked Charity Investigated for Terror Support

At the center of the ring of "peace activists" is a guy by the name of Hatem Abudayyeh, a left wing activist and Executive Director of the Arab American Action Network. I'm getting tons of emails about this, but Jim Hoft has a good summary of the link between the "charity" run by Abudayyeh suspected of supporting terror, and President Obama:

The Arab American Action Network was founded by former PLO operative and close Obama family friend Rashid Khalidi. Obama was a director of the Woods Fund from 1994 through 2001, when the board approved a $40,000 grant to the Arab American Action Network.

In 2003 Barack Obama was an honored guest at a dinner sponsored by the AAAN for former PLO-operative Rashid Khalidi.

Ah, so that's what he meant by "community activist"!

Was Iran the target of recent computer virus?

Flea raises some interesting points....
A small leap of logic would therefore suggest American or Israeli authorship of the virus. One competing suggestion points a finger at China as the culprit given widespread infection of Indian and Indonesian infrastructure.

But what if the target was not a nation state?

What if the target was Siemens itself?

Interview with Closet Conservative

Fellow fashionista and infidelista. Check it out!

Hi ho Hi ho to Ontario's Red Light District We go...

BCF has the full roundup on the breaking news that an Ontario court has struck down prostitution laws.

Mumbai style terror attacks were planned for London, Paris

This really should not surprise anyone, but here we go:
The group - thought to be linked to Al Qaeda - were also planning similar attacks in France and Germany.
The alleged plotters had been tracked for some time by the agencies involved, with the latest plot unearthed after intelligence sharing between London, France, Germany and the US.
The plot is believed to have been at an advanced stage, but was not imminent.
It came to light after the US military began helping its European allies by trying to pick off the organisers.
In an effort to foil a suspected terrorist plot, the Central Intelligence Agency increased missile strikes against militants in Pakistan's tribal regions.
The strikes, launched from unmanned drone aircraft, represent a rare use of the CIA's drone campaign to preempt a possible attack on the West.

Just a reminder to be vigilant.
Oh and....thank you US Military.

Unannounced Absence

Maybe someone noticed that SMW has been very quiet for the past few days. All is well, just extremely busy at the moment. Posting should resume early tomorrow morning or later this evening.

Friday, 24 September 2010

Interesting: UK Sixth Form College Bans the Veil

Well this is interesting. For non UK readers a sixth form college is the equivalent of grade 11-12 and the former OAC in Ontario. Students have to go a Sixth Form if they want to attend university.

Burnley College, in Lancashire, placed a notice from principal Hugh Bramwell at reception informing all students, staff and visitors they must remove items which cover their face on arrival.

Of greater interest is a quote which appears near the end of the article:
Last year the college, which describes itself as a provider of sixth form, university and adult education, turned away Shawana Bilqes, 19, when she tried to enroll.

Staff asked her to remove her burka - which covered everything but her eyes - for identity fraud purposes.

But she told them she could not because of her religious beliefs and was forced to abandon plans to sign up her course.

Shawana, from Burnley, Lancs, said: 'I am not surprised that the college has decided to ban veils completely after what happened to me.

'It is sad as it will force students to go elsewhere.'

The 19-year-old added: 'It is my choice to wear the veil.

'I live around the corner from the college in an area where there are so many practising Muslims. It was an ideal place for me to studyand that's why I chose it.

'I tried to compromise but the college wouldn't. They sent me a letter to say I could continue with my course if I stopped wearing the veil.

'We are in the 21st Century and we get people from all walks of life. I'm in the police cadets as well and yet it's not a problem wearing the veil there.'


You sound like a girl! Gender Perception and Sounds

No, I'm not talking about someone's voice. The other day I was standing outdoors waiting to meet someone, when I noticed the sound of someone approaching me from behind. Flip. Flop. Flip. Flop. The sound of a cheap pair of flip flops lifting off the ground and smacking the back of the foot was clear. I never turned around to see who was coming, and I was surprised when a young man walked past me wearing a shorter than normal pair of shorts and a pair of black flip flops. Of course some men do wear them, but flip flops (not to be confused with sandals) were largely associated with women, until recently.

While not all men can, or should, be flannel wearing lumberjacks the distinction between men and women's fashion is increasingly blurred. Nail polish, eye makeup, low cut shirts, skinny jeans, are all examples of feminine fashion trends that girly men have been embracing.

The other day I visited a local university campus. Outside one of the building's a group of construction workers were on their lunch break.
Compare and contrast: Construction workers wearing jeans covered in paint and sawdust, heavy duty workboots, hard hats on the ground beside them, eating massive sandwiches out of their extra large lunch coolers.
Academic wannabes roaming campus in skinny jeans, EMO tshirts and Converse running shoes, carrying their manpurses in their supple uncalloused hands, while texting someone on their Iphone and taking a sip Non-fat, no whip, double blended, grande cinnamon infused moccacino ice.

To borrow a phrase from TMZ: Who'd you rather?

Today's Good News: Aafia Siddiqui sentenced to 86 Years in Prison!

Happy Thursday!

The boys at Islamic Awakening will be so sad.

Why does SMW not have TV channels.....

because she will never pay the licensing fee.

The BBC has struck a deal to stop the public knowing exactly how much its top stars are paid despite opening its accounts to the public spending watchdog.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Structure, Structure, Order

So these women try out different progressive causes, and many of them actually convert to Islam, finding in its patriarchal, misogyny a kind of comfort and order.

I think there is some truth to this. I would also like to commission a study of women on the far left and their relationship with their fathers (actully let us begin by asking if they even know their father). In short, I would like to do a psychological study of women on the far left and what draws them to value systems that appear to be the inverse of their ideological foundations.

I the link.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

And people wonder why I refuse to use public transit after 10pm...

Cue examples and anecdotes....

Hug a Terrorist Day in Manchester

Well, I do not really want to speculate on how much hugging will be going on - but these folks at Caged Prisonsers sure do love them some jihadis

The London Fear Press Refuses to Publish Leishman Article on Homegrown Terror

Objectionable content:
One might suppose that moderate and peaceful Muslim leaders would repudiate the Muslim Association of Canada as well as all other organizations inspired by Banna. Yet among the speakers in a recent series of lectures presented by the London chapter of MAC were Sheikh Jamal Taleb, Imam of the London Muslim Mosque, and Dr. Munir El-Kassem, Muslim chaplain at the University of Western Ontario and Imam for the Islamic Centre of Southwestern Ontario.

More here:
Editor Joe Ruscitti objected to the column on the basis of a reference to Dr. Munir El -Kassem. Readers may recall an earlier post I did on El-Kassem in which I pointed out his defense of the Taliban for the destruction of the Bhudda Statues and his ringing endorsement of Louis Farrakhan:

Monday, 20 September 2010

The K(ens)illa Touch

Rossi sinks in polls.

Has feminism killed the art of home cooking?

There is some truth in this, though all the blame cannot be laid at the feet of people like Betty Friedan. There a number of factors at play...
Domestic cooking was chucked aside as an irrelevance, an icon of unfairness to women — which allowed a very eager food industry to leap forward with the convenience-food solution.

This is happening in North America, although I think it is happening on a greater scale in the UK. Every time I find myself on the tube with a cake of homemade dessert people actually approach me to ask if I made it myself, and then act shocked when I say that I did. (And believe me - aside from people asking directions is the has always been the only time strangers have ever talked to me on the tube). People just cannot understand that someone under 50 would actually know how to cook.

Maybe I am the exception because I love cooking and have been buying cookbooks since I was 5??

Related: People magazine taught me everything I know about being a woman

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Shujaat is the gift that keeps on giving....

Remember good old Shujaat? Ball hockey playing, 9/11 Truther, Jew Hater Extraodinaire, not to mention federal government employee and Director of the RS Foundation, linked in numerous ways to the recent terror arrests in Canada......
While scrolling the web yet another one of his self-penned masterpieces has appeared, this one is about the shooting at Dawson College in Montreal a few years ago.

Headlines across North America would have immediately declared this incident as a terrorist attack, thus prompting media outlets across the world to follow suit. Prime Minister Stephen Harper would come on TV with the same smug face he wore after the 17 arrests in Ontario in June [1], preaching the virtues of being Bush’s apprentice and rallying Canadians to embark wholeheartedly on the Neo-Con Crusade. Condoleezza Rice would also have flashed a gap-toothed smile on TV networks, reiterating Neo-Con philosophy with increased gusto. Perhaps the Dark Lord, Dubya himself, would have expressed some words with the very eloquence that has made him famous.[2]

Islamophobes would crawl out of the woodworks in droves, advocating profiling and harassment of anyone who "looks Muslim". The mainstream media would feature all kinds of so-called experts spewing venomous right-wing rhetoric. Islam would be attacked as a vicious, violent religion. Public support for the Canadian military mission in Afghanistan, which is extremely low currently, would potentially rise – not for particular support of the mission but more for "vengeance". Muslim groups would come out, tirelessly condemning the attacks, yet they would still be hounded by many for “not doing anything”. They would face a backlash in the form of mosque vandalism, hate and maybe even physical assault.
And this is just a taster. You can read the whole thing here. (Although personally I wouldn't bother giving Al Jazeera the hits.)

Can someone please explain to me how dearest Shujaat passed the screening required to be a Federal employee?
Shujaat must be very upset that his terror plotting ball hockey buddies have been arrested. How will he vent his anger?

Random Musings on a Friday, and Man of the Week

First, Man of the Week. Unfortunately I cannot identify this man by name, but I can say that he works on a Diplomatic Protection team somewhere in Europe. I do not know if has ever read my blog, but I want to thank him for the work he does. I am grateful for your service and I wish there were more like you.
OK moving on....
As some of my readers have likely guessed I was in the US of A several weeks ago on holidays. While I was there the body of a US Marine killed Afghanistan was repatriated and his funeral was held. It was very powerful to see not just a community, but what seemed like an entire state rallying in support of this young man and his family. In the most tragic of circumstances there is something incredibly uplifting, seeing all these people who "get it." People were lined up for hours to pay their respects, all the local news channels were covering the story, this man died a hero - and the people knew it. God bless the American soldier.
While still on vacation I was driving through a rural area on a beautiful sunny day. As I passed an apple orchard I noticed a stand set up on the side of the road. After a quick u-turn I was staring at more apples than I had seen in one place for a long time, dreaming up all the things I could make if only someone was actually working at the stand. This is when I noticed a note stuck to an unlocked cash box: "Apples - $9.00/bushel. Honor system." I left my money in the box, loaded the trunk up with apples and drove away. These are my people.

Word of the week: Manbarbie

I love this.

Suicide Bombers Planned to attack Jews in Paris

I am not sure if I missed this story in March, or if the details are just coming out now. This is a very worrying trend.

The French target was a fundraiser for IDF soldiers in March, at which the commander of the navy, Rear Admiral Eli Marom, was guest of honour.

Security was stepped up around Jewish institutions there following the arrest of the group by Egyptian security forces as they attempted to board a plane to France.

The thwarted attack was part of what France's interior minister Brice Hortefeux described as a "worrying spiral" of threats to the Jewish community there. Threatening letters were recently posted to two community centres in the city. And France's intelligence chief Bernard Squarcini warned this week that the risk of an attack on French soil has "never been higher".

He told Journal du Dimanche that one terrorist was being extradited to France, accused of planning to blow himself up at the Libi Fund event, attended by over 1,000 people.

However, according to Israeli sources, the would-be bombers were French citizens of Palestinian and North African origin, who smuggled their way into the Gaza Strip in order to train in a terror camp identified with the Islamic Jihad.

Was Taliban behind killing of Pakistani politician in London?

Something seems off.

It is understood detectives are hunting a lone Asian man in connection with the attack, which was witnessed by several people.
Initially, the murder – in broad daylight – appeared to be a clumsy attack carried out by someone with a personal grudge.

But the possibility that Dr Farooq, 50, was the victim of a political assassination appeared to gather credence after MQM members in London claimed the Taliban had issued a fatwa against party officials for their staunch opposition to Islamic fundamentalism in Pakistan.

Gangs torched vehicles and a shop in Karachi, where gas stations, schools and markets were closed and public transport halted yesterday as news of Dr Farooq's death spread.

Scotland Yard refused to speculate on possible motives for the killing in a quiet suburban road in Edgware, insisting officers were keeping an open mind.

Friday, 17 September 2010

MI5 Speaks on Risk of Al Shabaab Trained Fighters Striking in Britain

“The secret nature of this struggle makes it hard for those not directly involved to understand some of the skirmishes,” he adds. At any one time, MI5 had a “handful” of investigations that involved the “real possibility of a terrorist attack being planned against the UK”, he says. “Most turn out to be the real thing.”

The percentage of “priority” plots linked to al-Qaeda in the tribal areas of Pakistan had dropped from 75 per cent two years ago to 50 per cent now. The threat had increased from Somalia and Yemen.

Mr Evans says a “significant number” of British residents are training in camps run by the al-Qaeda-linked group al-Shabaab. As many as 100 Britons of Pakistani, Bangladeshi and West African backgrounds had travelled to Somalia.

The country “shows many of the characteristics that made Afghanistan so dangerous as a seedbed for terrorism in the period before the fall of the Taliban,” he says. “I am concerned that it is only a matter of time before we see terrorism on our streets inspired by those fighting alongside al-Shabaab.”

The web grows. Be vigilant. (That is vigilant, not vigilante.)

TUC Votes to Boycott Israel

It was as if a ten ton weight had been lifted from the Barons’ shoulders! “Brilliant, Sally” said Barking. “We’ll get the Fire Brigade Union to write the motion. They are the experts on the Middle East.

SMW is so glad that Jonathan Hoffman (who wrote the above) and Jonathan Sacerdoti (below) are Jews living in Britain today. The work they do is invaluable. Take the time to read both their writeups (the satire and the press release).

Jonathan Sacerdoti, Director of Public Affairs of the Zionist Federation, said "the TUC Congress calls for an immediate end to the military blockade on Gaza . This can only happen when there is no remaining threat of terrorist rocket attacks emanating from the Gaza strip. Rockets are currently still being launched towards Israeli civilian areas. In recent months Israel lifted many of the restrictions on what is allowed to pass into the Gaza strip, but it remains clear to all who are open minded enough to see it that until a better method for ensuring Israel's security from terrorist attacks exists, restrictions must stay in place. This is simply common sense.

"The TUC should concentrate on representing the interests of its members at a time when cuts are affecting ever more of them. There is no legitimate reason for the TUC to be targeting Israel (and no other country in the world) according the dubious desires of a group of its members who take few (if any) proactive actions to foster peace in the Middle East . The PSC continually seeks to hijack Trade Unions to promote their anti-Israel and anti-peace agenda. It is a divisive and disruptive organization.“

CHRC: See No Evil, Hear No Evil - Only Make Believe Evil Here

WARNING: This link contains a graphic and disturbing image.


Thursday, 16 September 2010

Rewriting Canadian History

Are these books on your kid's reading list???

Glories of the NHS

The do not leave those you care about unattended edition...

Anti-Semitism Goes Front Page

But what many people still miss is the fact that unbalanced criticism of Israel that takes the form of anti-Semitism isn’t necessarily criticism of Israel, it’s an expression of hatred towards Jews by proxy.

It is just the beginning...

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Passport? What are those for?

This should make you feel safe.

Jew Baiting at the Doctor's Office...

She wrote that if I support Israel she would no longer allow me to care for her children. She went on at length about how Israelis are oppressing Muslims and are criminals who must be brought to justice...

Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Back on Wednesday : )

Sunday, 12 September 2010

US Flags Burned outside Embassy in London, Group claims Islam will dominate the world

Where is the media crying intolerance and offensive when Muslims burn US and UK flags on 9 11 and call for Sharia in America?

Saturday, 11 September 2010


These souls are forever in the hearts of many.

My heart aches for these people and their families.

God bless America.

Friday, 10 September 2010

European Parliament orders France to stop expelling illegal immigrants

SMW has written on this topic extensively over the past serveral months, see previous posts in archives for more details.

Again apologies, I am still having some issues with my computer.

Here is the link.

Sovereignty is a thing of the past.

Man of the Week: Staff Sgt Salvatore Giunta

First living Medal of Honor recipient from the Afghanistan/Iraq war years.

Angelina Gets a Fleatwa

I just like saying Fleatwa.

Muslim Council of Montreal Raising Money for Terror Suspects

Perhaps a 3 on 3 ball hockey tournament is in order.....

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Muslim World Asks Obama to stop Koran burning

Personally I think burning the Quran is stupid. Even more ridiculous is the hypocritical, faux outrage (although I guess it is not really faux) surrounding the burning of the Quran (which has almost entirely been whipped up by the media). If Obama speaks on this after refusing to commenton the mosque at Ground Zero it will likely turn out to be a major strategic error on his part. It appears that the vast majority of Americans believe this little book burning party is a dumb idea and want nothing to do with it - however if the President comes out and speaks on this after refusing to speak on some other "teachable moments" the reaction in public opinion will be swift.

[Note: Stephen Harper has already made the mistake.]

I will whip myself into a frenzy about a fringe wingnut who appears to be a total jackass that the majority of Americans want nothing to do with when the following issues receive international attention and are condemned by POTUS and world leaders:

Ohio Man Burns American Flags on Memorial Day

Flag Set on Fire at Veteran's Home

Protestors Burn Effigy of US Soldier

American Military has to burn Bibles in Afghanistan

Muslims Attack Christian Center in Indonesia

Four Christian Apostates Beheaded

Afghans burn Obama Effigy, Shout Death to Jews and Christians

Muslim Protestors chant Death to Israel and Death to USA while burning the flags of Armenia, Great Britain, and the USA along with an effigy of Netanyahu.

The story of the Koran burning has been around for months now. It is only in the past few weeks that the MSM has picked it up. It is the media that has turned this into a big story and is more than happy to whip the world into a frenzy. When a wingnut and a few of his followers announce their plans to burn a book it "puts our troops at risk." However when the media leaks classified information, smears soldiers, leaks videos without proper fact checking or clarification they are just doing their job.

Protest will take place over this, and the media will say this hatred of America is a direct result of the Quran being burned. Yes, people will be mad that the Quran was burned but this will only stoke their hatred of the West, not cause it.

More on this later. Maybe.

7.5 Million British Children and Adults living in households where nobody works

Prepare for your stomach to lurch.

Coming soon to Canada...

Pelosi Comes to Canada

Canada shudders.


Some of you may have noticed the posting on SMW has been a bit different lately, and a bit irregular. Recently I bought a new computer and we don't seem to be getting along very well. Hopefully we will be back to running at full capacity within a few days.

Levant on George Soros

From a few days ago, but worth reading - especially if you are not familiar with George Soros.

`Champion budgie killed in sabotage attack`

OK, I know, I`m sick. But this headline made me laugh.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

"Does anyone think a BA is worth ten times what it was in 1978?"

How many people with BAs could accurately explain what inflation is? Knowledge is power, but where can you get it?

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Why I miss rural North America...

An anecdote from my holidays.

Having written many posts about the lack of gentlemen currently populating earth I feel obliged to share this nugget with you. Last week I found myself sitting in McDonald's, located in a small North American city. While I was sipping on my chocolate milk and watching tennis on the flat screen I noticed a young couple (teenagers) sitting at a nearby table. The look of summer love was unmistakable. After finishing their meal I watched the two walk out of the restaurant to the young man's SUV (presumably his parent's) when - to my surprise - the young man walked straught to the passenger side of the car to open the door for his girlfriend. Culture shock ensued. I had a huge smile on my face as I headed for my rental car.

Is London turning into France?

Or is it just a return to the 70s?

RS Foundation and Terror Arrest Updates

There is alot of information floating around the blogosphere about this now. Here is my most succinct update:

On July 27th SMW broke the story tying the iFreedom Halal MasterCard to the RS Foundation and its Jew-hating, 9/11 truther Director Shujaat Wasty (who also happens to be an employee of the Canadian Federal government). Fellow bloggers such as Blazing Cat Fur, Ghost of a Flea, Jawa Report, Moose and Squirrel run the story.

Several days later Daniel Greenfield (Sultan Knish) delves into the connection between the RS Foundation and Human Concern International.

Frustration grows as no news outlets in Canada seem interested in this story and the RS Foundation begins scrubbing their webpage. On August 10th we confirm (what we already knew) that Wasty is a Federal employee.

Nobody cares. The media sleeps.

Fast forward to August 28th and SMW is deep in the South, having not seen a computer for days and opens her email to find a note from a friend at the Jawa Report asking her about these Canadian terror arrests. After a few rapid emails and newspaper reads it is clear: the RS Foundation is tied to a number of suspects in the terror cases. Suddenly SMW's site is being visited by multiple news outlets. Funny how that works.

Dr. Khurram Sher, one of the accused, is an officer of the RS Foundation. In a blog post, RS Foundation Director Shujaat Wasty describes Dr. Sher as a "cousin." (Details and more on this can be found at the intrepid Blazing Cat Fur). Moving along - Dr. Sher (yes, this is the former Canadian Idol contestant who had recently been hired on by a hospital in a small Ontario town) was living in a rather pricey neighbourhood, in a house owned by Dr. Fasahat Wasty. However, in the same post, Blazing Cat Fur revealed that Dr. Wasty's wife, Zeba Hashmi, also described Dr. Sher as a distant relative. Hmmmmm the hip bone is connect to the backbone, the backbone is connected......

One of the other terror suspects, Misbahuddin Ahmed (an Xray technician arrested in Ottawa) was active in the online community, and according to the National Post was involved in Montreal's branch of the Al Maghrib institute. Also tied to this institute is Dr. Wasty's wife, Zeba Hashmi who's brother founded the institute. The National Post article is definitely worth reading - it also points out that Ahmed's brother-in-law and sister ran an Islamic children's magazine called Recess Kids which boasted advice from a "Dr. Sher" and carried advertisements for the RS Foundation. sends out an email instructing members not to cooperate with authorities.

At court appearances the usual suspects show up to cry injustice.

What ties all these suspects together? The Muslim Ball Hockey League in Montreal and the RS Foundation. When SMW began investigating the RS Foundation I found that numerous board members and their buddies were all playing in this Muslim Ball Hockey League, posting stuff on Montreal based Muslims forums about the ball hockey league, etc. Wasty even won some scoring award (see Ghost of a Flea, can't find exact link at the moment). *UPDATE: here is the link, apprently the ball hockey award was actually named after Dr. Sher. Thank you Flea!* These guys were even hosting Canada Day BBQs and writing little love notes about the cabane à sucre (if you are thinking wth you're not the only one). This whole story is one massive tangled jihadi web. I have little analysis to offer at the moment as I am extremely jetlagged and running out of steam in the wee hours. Blazing Cat Fur also has a good roundup of events.

The CBC recently reported that over 50 detonators were found in one of the accused's apartment.

Sources have confirmed that Dr. Sher's family has fled the London (Canada) area. The London Mosque issued a statement asking people not to "rush to judgement" and the mayor even appeared because everyone is soooo scared of backlash lash lash. Dr. Sher had barely arrived in London, perhaps it is more worth taking a look at who helped him get to London and their connections to radical groups (see notes above).

Let's end with this: Salim Mansur (a Canadian Muslim based in London, Canada) wrote a piece for the Toronto Sun on the need for profiling. Go read it.

SMW Returns

After several weeks of planes, trains, and autombiles SMW has been halfway across the world and back! It has been an eventful time, anecdotes may be provided later. I am working my way through a stack of emails (which no doubt would be a mile high if they were paper!) and trying to get caught up on a number of stories.

Thanks to all of you who sent emails regarding the RS Foundation coverage. I appreciate your notes. Next time send cash. Ah, if only you could do that through email.

Anyway, we are up and running again.....stay tuned.