Tuesday, 17 August 2010

"Why Western donors are snubbing Pakistan after giving to Haiti"

Come on, you don't need to read the Globe and Mail to know the answer to this one:

Has anyone else noticed that this is Ramadan, supposedly the Muslim season of giving, and yet you don't hear of any Muslim countries sending millions of aid or thousands of soldiers to Pakistan do you? Where is the UAE? Where is Saudi? Where are the millions of dollars pouring into these charities from Muslims filled with that Ramadan spirit? (Hey maybe they should take the money they're not spending on food and donate it to earthquake relief!)

But guess who has already given millions of dollars in aid? Western countries. Not just money - last week the US deployed 1,000 Marines to Pakistan to help flood victims.

So why are Western donors snubbing Pakistan after giving to Haiti, during one of the biggest economic crisis the Western World has seen in decades when unemployment is relatively high?
Because they already HAVE given millions of dollars in relief and aid - through their taxes and they are tired of being guilt tripped into sending money to third-world corrupt countries that sympathize with the Taliban, hate America, and where there is a very good chance the money and aid will never make it to the innocents who need it most.