Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Welfare State Run Wild

This boggles the mind. People living on benefits can pass their council flats/houses (its government housing) onto their kids????

SMW does not like David Cameron - but on this I agree with him. Of course Labour and LibDems think free housing is a human right:

Simon Hughes, the Deputy Lib Dem Leader, sent a warning to the Prime Minister that his party would not accept the plan to force tenants into fixed-term tenancies which would end if they were no longer in financial need.
He raised the prospect of fixed-term tenancies during a question and answer session with voters in the West Midlands, after being confronted by a council house tenant who complained that they needed a larger house.
Are you kidding me? Do these people have no pride?!?!

Mr Cameron suggested that as well as forcing tenants who no longer needed them to move out of council housing, people could be required to “downsize” to smaller flats if their children moved out, or if they became divorced or bereaved.

He admitted that the proposal would be controversial, but said the current system under which council tenants can pass properties on to their children was wrong.