Thursday, 19 August 2010

Tamil Congress Upset Illegal Immigrants Not Welcomed with Open Arms

The Canadian Tamil Congress is “deeply concerned” that Ottawa’s rhetoric about the arrival of migrants aboard a suspected people-smuggling ship could “undermine” ongoing investigations and spur “more than a backlash of words” against the Canadian Tamil community.

A spokesperson for the congress said it is calling on the federal government — particularly Public Safety Minister Vic Toews — to “exercise some caution” and avoid publicly speculating about the “possibility that Canadian Tamils are supporting the smuggling activity and perhaps may be involved in it.”

“We just don’t want this escalating to a point where there is something more than a backlash of words, something more tangible,” Manjula Selvarajah said, adding that a violent reaction against the Tamil community “might be a problem” if the congress does not take a stand.

So there you have it folks. If the government doesn't shut up already and give these illegal immigrants (who managed to pay thousands of dollars to get here) their Canadian Passports pronto there could be some kind of violent uprising against the Tamils because Canadians are inherently racist and the government is egging them on. Meanwhile, there is an uprising planned this weekend in Ottawa - in
support of the Tamil migrants. And another one in British Columbia. And how long will it be before the Gardiner is shut down again?

The threat of violent action is somewhat amusing - if anyone in Canada would get physical it would be Toronto drivers finding their lifeline out of the city blocked by hundreds of protesters for no good reason on Mother's Day - and there were zero reports of attacks when that happened. However this 'threat' fits in nicely with the narrative that Canadians are racist and is a great way to evoke sympathy and the support of elites who drop their thinking caps (if they even have one) like a hot potato at the mere thought of being accused of racism, immediately jumping on the bandwagon of the loudest, closest, non-whitey cause they can find.

Canada is a country that welcomes immigrants. Thousands of immigrants arrive in Canada every year, legally. These people establish their families, work hard and thrive in Canadian society. They did not pay thousands of dollars to get on a boat that would just "show up" on Canada's shores, expect to be taken in and given free health care, education and landed immigrant status - all on the dime of the Canadian taxpayer (which includes the many Tamil immigrants who came to Canada legally). Instead of trying to bully Canadians into silence by playing the racism and violence cards, the "Canadian" Tamil Congress should 'take a stand' and explain that if you want to live in Canada you need to abide by Canadian laws - this includes Canada's immigration policy.