Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Police Move to Ban EDL March in Bradford

Marches SMW has witnessed in London over the past three years:
-Hamas and Hezbollah fundraisers pouring through streets, calling for death to Jews and dismantling of British and American governments, total destruction of Israel
-Hizb ut Tahrir rallying for Sharia and the end of democracy in UK
-Various Islamists in front of Downing Street calling for death to infidel, implementation of sharia
-terror supporters (including Abu Hamza's son) causing thousands of pounds in damage to private property outside Israeli Embassy

The police would never think of banning these because the force is afraid to do so. The Met is Islamaphobic, not as the media describes it, but as Richard Landes describes it - the fear of criticising or standing up to Islam. However, the Met is not afraid of a group that the press is free to demonize which consists largely of British citizens. The hysteria surrounding the press coverage of the EDL is ridiculous and hypocritical. No doubt the country's elite are smugly patting themselves on the back for demonizing and ostracizing a "fascist" enemy, while not only do they fail to recognize a true enemy - they enable the enemy and some even give the enemy editorial space in their newspapers or let them give a televised Christmas address over their airwaves. The real "fascists" are the UAF, who also plan to march in Bradford and who I followed for an entire day earlier this year - where I witnessed them attack police, cheer as their peers were arrested, and then chant "F*ck the police" and "unite and fight" as they encouraged their members to attack the police. Of course, members of the press (who were present - I was standing with a number of them) neglected this in their reports of the day's events. With regards to tomorrow, the police are no doubt afraid they can't control the UAF - and that when the UAF manages to attack the EDL, the EDL will dare to fight back and defend themselves. However they can't say this from their perch on the mountain of moral quicksand.

As I have said before, I am wary of the EDL for a number of reasons, but there is something very wrong with this picture.

Full article:

A chief constable is applying for a blanket ban on marches in a city on the day of a planned protest by the right-wing English Defence League (EDL).

West Yorkshire chief constable Sir Norman Bettison said he was taking the action after considering the "understandable concerns of the community" in Bradford ahead of the event planned for Saturday August 28.

Unite Against Fascism is planning a protest in the city centre on the same day in response to the EDL demo.

Sir Norman said he will apply to Bradford Council for the prohibition. The council would need the permission of Home Secretary Theresa May to enforce the ban.

The move follows a high-profile campaign in the city to stop the EDL march, with some commentators saying they fear it could provoke a violent reaction to rival the riots which shook the city nine years ago. But the chief constable stressed that a ban on marching would not stop either group holding a static protest.

In a statement, Sir Norman said: "Having carefully considered all the issues arising from any planned or unplanned march by protesters in Bradford on August 28, including the understandable concerns of the community, I have decided to apply to Bradford Council for an order prohibiting the holding of a public procession in Bradford on that day.

"We must, however, be clear in the distinction between the application for a ban to march, and the fundamental right to hold a static protest.

"If the Home Secretary agrees to a ban, it does not prevent static, visible, demonstrations taking place. But I believe that this would be less disruptive to residents of Bradford, and would enable the force to better manage the operation. We will continue to try to talk to all those who plan to demonstrate in Bradford and advise anyone intent on causing trouble to stay away."

The chief added: "Assistant Chief Constable Mark Gilmore is in command of what is going to be a complex policing operation. He is working with colleagues in Bradford City Council and the local community to ensure that plans are in place to maximise public safety. I ask the people of Bradford to support the policing operation and avoid confrontation on the day.

"Whatever the outcome of the application for a ban, the police's role on the day will be to enable any peaceful protest to take place but we will not tolerate damage to the city, or violence."