Friday, 6 August 2010

National Post Shilled for Truther, Halal Mastercard

The "real" journalists at the National Post happily promoted iFreedom, the "Halal" MasterCard which gives a portion of its earnings to the RS Foundation, a charity run by a 9/11 Truther who hates Jews and America. Now, nobody pays me to do this, but after Canadian Living shilled for the card in their August 2010 issue it only took me a morning of research to discover these connections.

Maybe the Post is too afraid to mention these unmentionables since Human Concern International (one of the charities partnered with the RS Foundation) has gone after them before. Or maybe, like Canadian Living, they just couldn't be bothered to do any research beyond the iFreedom's Press Release and talking points.

Flea is not happy:
How many of the Canadians murdered on 9/11 grew up with Canadian Living in their doctor's waiting room? With recipes their mother's had clipped from the magazine? As they were burned or crushed or fell to their deaths, how many could have imagined their deaths would be perverted by men in business with Canadian Living before the decade was out?

Ouch. Canadian Living should be embarrassed and print some of the letters to the Editor they have been getting - and also clarify in print where the money from this card has been going. They are not exactly a foreign affairs magazine, but they printed this story and now they need to clarify it. But they probably won't unless they hear from many readers like you and me. However, the biggest dhimmis/enablers of all in this story are the folks at MasterCard who are facilitating the funding of 9/11, Jew-Hating truthers and their pet projects. Remember that when you need a credit card.