Thursday, 19 August 2010

Jim Cramer on Obama

This lines up with the industry gossip floating around London.
This view is not a GOP view. It is usually the view of people who voted for Obama because they hated Bush's treatment of the economy among other negatives.
In fact, I would go so far as to say that there is almost a universal belief among all of the large firms -- mutual and hedge and rTesearch -- that if this president gets his way and the House and Senate stay Democrat we are going to decline precipitously. It is so palpable that it overrides any data that could come out, whether it be earnings, or inflation, or spending, or employment itself.

But no one will say it!

It is amazing to me that no one will break ranks and say out loud what they say to me 10 times a day: "This president hates business, hates successful business people, and hates the basic way business is done in this country!"

Believe me, not only is it unspoken but it is vehemently and viscerally mutual. I can't find a business person who, privately, will say a good word about this guy or his team. He is despised. Just not openly. Never will be. Too dangerous. Seditious even.