Monday, 16 August 2010

"It is ALWAYS about the Jews..."

An American artist created a statue/sculpture memorial for Jews (including her own relatives) who were slaughtered in Lithuania during the Holocaust. Recently access to the memorial has been blocked, and the artist is questioning the motives behind this.
Article here.

There could very well be a good reason why the memorial is blocked (temporarily), but given the eagerness of many European countries to bury and forget the Shoah it seems reasonable that this woman is questioning the lack of access to the memorial. This country was once home to the "Jerusalem of the North," seventy years later most are unaware it ever existed. This is a posthumous victory for the Nazis.
This memorial is a symbol, a reminder that there was once a vibrant Jewish community in Lithuania. Jews thrived, loved, worshipped and raised their families in Lithuania - and although over 90% of them were killed - their lives have not been forgotten. Their memory cannot be eradicated, forgotten as though they never existed, and that is why these memorials provoke such a strong response:

Perhaps this woman will not be happy until the townspeople are forced to march by, and salute her work of art she gifted to them, daily? And the children too. Make them understand all about what happened to the Jews 50 years ago and how the art shows that.
an American woman trying to tell people in a country far away what kind of art they have to expose to people? Her personal story should remain personal and not bother all of us. we have more urgent problems than hearing that constant whine
This old bitter woman is a sad example how people abuse the Holocaust to satisfy their personal gripes and ego. The exaggerated claims and malicious accusations do not seem to be based on anything than deep running animosity towards Lithuanian people.
BUT all YOU hear over and over and OVER JEWS JEWS JEWs..Of the estimated 11MILLION who died, 6 million were JEWS..OK WE KNOW..I don't hear the 43MILLION CHINESE STILL POUNDING OVER THEIR LOSSES OR THE RUSSIANS BALKING 65 YEARS LATER! How many memorials do you actually need to satisfy you? ENOUGH ALREADY!
Sounds like this rich lady is trying to impose her will on another country altogether! Wouldn't be surprised at all if they now tear it down and toss it in the dump!
It is ALWAYS about the JEWS Oh hell they were the ONLY ones killed This is the new world you miserable bastards get over yourself !!!

For fifty years the Shoah was a non-subject in Europe. It was not until the late eighties and early nineties that the veil of silence slowly lifted and discussions of the Shoah were able to drift into a more public forum - and in many countries this was met with great resistance. Europe cannot forgive Jews for having the audacity to remember the six million souls who were hunted down and murdered in an attempt to exterminate the entire Jewish race. How dare they remember. "How many memorials do they need?" "You miserable bastards get over yourself!!!"

Recently Benjamin Weinthal wrote that 'Europe will never forgive Israel for the Holocaust," and in the political sphere this may be true. The past matters because it is being twisted, denied, contorted, forgotten and now it is being used as a tool to de-legitimize Israel. The "Holocaust Denial" movement is growing. The effort to equate Gaza with Auschwitz is not simply a propaganda move to victimize "Palestinians," it is also a way to erase the possibility of Jews as victims. 'Yeah, Auschwitz was bad but look, now they're doing it to someone else so maybe they deserved it. You know, universal karma. The Holocaust didn't happen, but whatever did happen they deserved it.' This type of rhetoric is slowly creeping into various narratives and it conveniently meshes with the needs of those who want to wash their hands of a messy past, and those who hope that history repeats itself.

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