Friday, 6 August 2010

Hungary to give away 2 million EU Passports

What could possibly go wrong?

Although they have come control for Romanian and Bulgarian nationals, UK ministers are powerless to place restrictions on arrivals from Hungary. That means the potential impact on Britain of two million new Hungarian passports is much larger.

Hungary was one of eight Eastern European nations which joined the EU in 2004.

But Labour ministers, unlike their counterparts in Germany and Austria, rejected the option of imposing work permit controls that would have limited the numbers coming here.

That led to an estimated one million arrivals from Eastern Europe – despite predictions the number would be fewer than 20,000.

The restrictions on Romanian and Bulgarian nationals will expire in 2013 – opening the door to the UK.


Mr Basescu said Romania did not have enough jobs for its workforce: 'Romania comes in behind states like Italy and Spain. In those countries , their social protection is at a level that makes Italians and Spanish, for example, feel comfortable to stay unemployed rather than working in hard manual tasks.

'Romanians do that hard labour for them to earn better and make more money than they could at home.'