Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Great News: Jew Hating Charity Director works for the Canadian Government


A quick review: Halal iFreedom Mastercard is in Canada. A portion of transactions on the card are donated to the RS Foundation, and Islamic charity. The RS Foundation's director, Shujaat Wasty spends his spare time spreading Blood Libels, claiming that Jews blew up the World Trade Center on 9/11. He also appears at conferences where he claims that freedom of expression is actually a pillar of fascism (not democracies), that the cartoons of Mohammed should not be published, that Shariah law should be considered in Canada, and that Canada should pass a law making it illegal to insult Muslims or Islam. Wasty also enjoys smearing US troops, claiming they will shoot "anything that moves."

And guess what................................Shujaat Wasty works for the Canadian government in the Department of Foreign Affairs as an eLearning advisor.

So who exactly is screening government employees these days? I'm available if they need help. I know a few others who might be willing to pitch in.

A big thank you to the Flea for the assist.