Thursday, 12 August 2010

The Fault Line in Britain's Anti-Jihad Movement

Every once in awhile I find myself having a drink and a chat with some Brits who believe the country is about to ‘surrender’ to Islam, that the government already has surrendered, and/or that England will never again be restored to the Britannia that “rules the waves.” Inevitably the conversation flows to one or two questions: What can be done to stop this? Why do current efforts seem to be having such little impact? These are reasonable questions and lead to lively debates. However after several years “on the ground” if you will, I believe there is one massive obstacle facing the counter-jihad (for lack of a better term) movement in Britain: England’s rigid class system.

For people who have never lived in the England this may sound old-fashioned or exaggerated, but allow me to assure the class system here is alive and du rigeur. Social class permeates every aspect of life here. In a brief conversation one can usually determine which strata of society an individual belongs to based on a few seemingly innocuous details: where do they grocery shop, at what gym do they have a membership, what newspaper do they read. Often these details are not necessary as a person’s accent (or dialect) is an almost instant indication of where they are from and what they do and, for potential employers, it is an instant mark for or against you. The class system is so entrenched here that it was not long ago that MI5 agents sent out on surveillance with a member of the opposite sex would be paired with someone from the opposite end of the social strata in the belief that “upper class” agents would be wary of engaging in sexual liaisons with those of the lower class. These measures have no doubt changed, but after living here for nearly five years the segregation in society is evident. In our entire stay here the only tradesperson I have met (literally) was a Canadian guy married to a British woman and we met them by chance, in a bar where my husband and I had gone to watch Canada win the World Juniors. This type of segregation also spills into the political system – and it is to the country’s detriment.

There are very few in the intellectual elitist realms of British society who understand the threat that Britain and Western civilization face. There are some, but they are few. These few are fighting their battles, doing what they can and sometimes meeting with great success. Other times they are not. They do not get much support and many of their colleagues shy away from them. There is an even smaller number of “intellectuals” or “upper class” individuals if you will in Britain who really “get it” and who speak the truth loud and clear for anyone who will listen. This second group is often shunned by the first, dismissed as being “loud and crazy” and out of touch. Sure, they might agree with some of what they say, but how embarrassing would it be if their left wing colleagues at the lawfirm/university/town hall/scotch club ever associated them with these nutters.

A third group exists – a much bigger group that I would dare to say far outnumbers the first two but who has no voice and who nobody wants: the lower and middle classes. The men and women in this group are not well-versed in classical history, the are not armed with intellectual prowess, they have never heard of Menachem Begin, never read the Goldstone Report, never spent hours pouring over transcripts of Hamas interviews at MEMRI. (They don’t have time to do this because they are working to keep a roof over their head and provide for their kids.) But they know something is wrong. They don’t want their kid’s school serving Halal only meals. They don’t want to be told they can’t eat food at their desk because it is Ramadan. They don’t understand why the police are not arresting groups of men marching through England’s streets calling for the overthrow of democracy while waving the flags of terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah and calling for Jihad against Britain. To them this is clearly treason. Something in their stomach twists when they see the Israeli flag being burned on High Street Kensington or watch a video of an upper class English gent telling a British Jew to “f*ck off back to Israel.” July 7 2005 is forever seared in their memory.

These people know that something in England has gone seriously wrong, and they are fighting mad about it but nobody will listen to them. Nobody will take them seriously. The only group or movement on the political platform with which they can identify is the EDL (Note: I am not going to get into debate about the EDL here, I have already written about them extensively, if you want to know what I think see previous posts) because they see the EDL as a group fighting for their cause, for England, and because the EDL does not dismiss them as ignorant c*nts who read The Star or the Daily Mirror. It would not surprise me if the EDL continues to grow in numbers as more and more people look to make their voice heard. Efforts by police and media to intimidate the EDL are likely to be met with further resolve and larger numbers.

Herein lies the problem. The working class in England has already realized what most in the upper class do not: the time for courtesy and cocktails has passed. Let me be very clear – I am absolutely not referring to any kind of violence – I am talking about a no holds barred willingness to speak truth to power. You cannot fight political correctness with more political correctness. You cannot fight a culture of deceit and taqiyya with pretty words and peace offerings. You cannot fight terror by hoping for peace, even if it sounds pretty and just uttering the words hope and peace give you a little shiver of excitement. The working class in England (or those of it who care about this issue) is looking for someone who will tell it like it is and the upper class is looking for someone who knows how it is but doesn’t come right out and say it just in case they offend someone in the room. Their biggest fear is being accused of racism. The working class doesn’t give a damn what people think because they have lived their whole lives with people looking down their noses at them. And that is why these two never meet. But they need to. They need each other.

The anti-jihad movement needs the intellectuals that are out there fighting tooth and nail with legal motions, letters, papers, fundraisers, etc. Their resources are invaluable. Their behind the scenes work has resulted in a number of successes which most people will never hear of. However, a number of the upper echelons of this movement need to get off their high horse and get down in the trenches with the rest of the English. They need numbers. They need people who can sit over a pint with their neighbours and talk to them about issue X and why the need to visit their MP, or who they can write a letter to, or why they should shop Ahava, or what day everyone needs to show up in Trafalgar Square with their Union Jacks. They need people who are not afraid, the blood, sweat and tears type, and if they ignore and ostracise them they do so at their own peril. England needs people who are not afraid.