Monday, 2 August 2010

Expect Rioting Youths....

A video showing immigrant pregnant mothers and babies being dragged along the ground by police sparked outrage across France today.

The footage, which shows officers trying to clear African squatters from a Paris housing estate, comes at the worst possible time for President Nicolas Sarkozy who is trying to rid the country of thousands of unwanted immigrants, including gypsies and foreign criminals.

Mr Sarkozy has always been a firm believer in tough policing and, significantly, has remained silent about the video which was taken on July 21.


Last week Mr Sarkozy vowed to strip immigrants of their passports if they attack police or public officials.

'Nationality should be stripped from anyone of foreign origin who deliberately endangers the life of a police officer, a soldier or a gendarme or anyone else holding public authority,' Mr Sarkozy said.

He also sanctioned the tearing down of illegal gypsy camps and promised a review of all welfare payments to migrants.

Linking recent rioting to immigration, Mr Sarkozy said: 'We are suffering the consequences of 50 years of insufficiently regulated immigration which has led to a failure of integration.'


A spokesman for Seine-Saint-Denis police said no police brutality took place during the break up of an illegal demonstration.

You can watch the video here.

After watching it several times I noted women hitting police, women kicking police, screaming hysterically, verbally abusing police and writing around like fish out of water - but not once in this 3 1/2 minutes of video do I see police drawing any weapon, hitting women or children, tasering, clubbing etc. Where children are involved the police appear to try and remove the child from its mother before physically carrying the mother away. There is one incident about 2 1/2 minutes into the video where a woman is pulled out of the crowd and as it turns out she has a baby strapped to her back. The police immediately pick up the baby and remove it from the scene.

It is a disgrace that these women bring their children to this illegal protest and then use them as props to cry police brutality. I have seen this numerous times in London with gipsy beggars outside of Harrod's who bring their babies (if they are even their babies) with them and then turn on the waterworks saying 'my baby, my baby' as soon as the police show up and tell them they have to leave OR that if they catch them begging with their kids again they will turn the kids over to Social Services.
What kind of mother uses their child to stage this kind of made for YouTube drama???? I can almost guarantee that a search of French blogs and websites would result in me finding comparisons between the French police and slave traders separating children from their mothers. This video was not an accident. Children are one of the most effective props in the world of propaganda.

DailyMail commenters are not buying this video either:
If you have to expel illegal immigrants and they resist by laying down and refusing to move you drag or carry them or brutalise them into cooperating. Dragging seems the more humane. How else are these officers supposed to move them, magic?