Thursday, 12 August 2010

Canada's Airport Security Gives New Meaning to Term "Open Skies"

Thanks to our politically correct, bent-over Liberal Party. I guess you can afford to be this lax when you are used to flying on private jets. Who cares if some of the little people get blown up?

Respected Middle East scholar, Daniel Pipes, witnessed beveiled folk -- whether male or female, he couldn't tell -- swanning unchallenged through Canadian boarding controls. A former U.S. Special Forces soldier reportedly saw arrogant face-veiled women "harangue" and threaten a screener with lawsuits for daring to ask to see their faces in a private room.

In these and other respects, Canadians must remember that they are the country's first and last line of defence. This means putting to work all proper means to force our political bosses, corporations and their employees to do the right thing. Necessary measures may include recourse to criminal and civil law, calls for disciplinary employment sanctions, demands for review and suspension of airport and airline licences, and boycotts of airports and airlines. And, of course, cashiering political and bureaucratic operators who put self before safety and country.

The present course is unsustainable in a dangerous world and unworthy of Canada's values and traditions. The political class seems to have faltered, and Canadians must come to their own rescue.

Amen, amen, amen!! As someone who flies regularly I find this whole story extremely disturbing - but you don't know me so why should you care? SMW is sure that everyone reading this flies themselves, or has a loved one who occasionally takes to the wide open skies. This story matters. Personally I think airport security is largely a joke anyway (we need more intelligence, profiling and "real" security screenings), but the procedures in place can and do make a difference and they need to be enforced.

Canadians: Please fire up your keyboards, pens, pencils and write to your local MPs about this issue. Write to your Conservative representatives and tell them you want them to keep this issue on the front burner. Write to your Liberal reps and tell them they have shown their total disregard for the safety of Canadians (oh yeah and they lost your vote).

Americans (and other non Canadians): Thinking about flying to Canada? Hmmmmm. Perhaps you should drop a note to the Canadian Tourism Commission (they have several offices in the States, contact details here) and letting them know that you don't want to fly in a country where people with their faces covered can walk through security without confirming their identity and hop on a plane.