Tuesday, 17 August 2010

"Canada is becoming a staging area for imported grievances"

Although the left may have gathered by the water to sing "Tamils row your boat ashore, hallelujah," many Canadians (particularly in Toronto) were thinking: "great, another boatload of people to shutdown the Gardiner on Mother's Day."

So while the voyage of the latest Tamil migrant ship to our shores may evoke sympathy, it must be recognized for what it is: queue jumping. Instead of going through normal immigration channels, or the refugee admissions process, those aboard the Sun Sea headed for the front of the line, thanks to their wallets. Their voyage appears not to have been a harrowing odyssey, but professionally organized. While one man died before arriving, none of the other passengers appeared to be in ill health; to the contrary, they were apparently well-fed and dressed, and exhibited no serious illnesses.

Cash is the reason they are here, money possibly destined to bankroll a resurgence of the Tamil Tiger terrorists back in Sri Lanka, or at the very least line the pockets of human smugglers. Now these same migrants will be fed, clothed and housed courtesy of the Canadian people, possibly for years until their refugee claims are processed.

But the case of the Sun Sea doesn’t just highlight the fact that Canada is seen as a “soft spot” for illegal migration. It also raises a related issue: the respect that migrants show towards Canada, and fellow Canadians, after they settle here.

Increasingly, Canada is becoming a staging area for imported grievances.

SMW happened to be in Toronto when Tamils shut down parts of the city and used their kids as props to stop police from intervening (not that they would have anyway, who are we kidding here). A few weeks prior I walked by the British parliament where thousands of Tamils had gathered and were shoving pictures of mutilated children into the faces of tourists as they walked by with their own kids, while waving the flag of the Tamil Tigers. Coming soon to a city near you...